Robarts Library carrel and locker application

Apply for a carrel at Robarts Library

  1. Read the following information, "About Robarts Library/Carrel Locker Assignments"
  2. Complete the online Carrel Application Form
  3. More information such as how carrels are assigned, see the "Carrel services FAQs"

About Robarts Library Carrel/Locker Assignments

The main purpose of the lockable carrels is to provide doctoral candidates in Divisions I (Humanities) and II (Social Sciences), especially those preparing their theses, with private and quiet working space. Other groups considered for assignment are faculty members on research (sabbatical) leave, faculty members needing a carrel for special projects, post-doctoral fellows affiliated with the University, and visiting scholars. The majority of carrel assignments and renewal of carrels takes place in September.

Carrels are assigned according to the following priorities established in conjunction with the School of Graduate Studies:

  1. Doctoral students (Divisions I and II) in the 3rd year of candidacy and beyond (Applicants in Priority A1 will be permitted to hold a carrel for a total of three years, not necessarily consecutive. Carrels will be assigned for a full year, or portion thereof, according to the term(s) requested by the applicant.);
    Faculty members on leave or without office space on the St. George Campus(Divisions I and II);
    Post-doctoral fellows affiliated with the University (Divisions I and II)
  2. Faculty members, including professors emeriti, requiring library space for special projects (Divisions I and II);
    Visiting scholars accredited by SGS (Divisions I and II);
    Doctoral students (Divisions I and II) in their second year of candidacy
  3. Other doctoral students (Divisions I and II);
  4. Full-time master's students (Divisions I and II)
  5. TST Doctoral Students
    A quota of 15 carrels is available for TST students. These carrels will be assigned according to a recommendation of TST students should apply to TST and should NOT use this application form.)

All applications, including those for renewal (with the exception of Toronto School of Theology applicants) of current carrel assignments, should be submitted using the form which follows. Any application received later than the end of August will be treated as a late application. Those who qualify, but cannot be assigned a carrel, are eligible for a locker. The same application form is used. Joint applications or single applicants willing to share a carrel will be treated as a separate assignment. The waiting list(s) for carrels will be generated by a lottery.

Carrel Services, Robarts Library

The Carrel Office is located in Robarts Library
130 St. George Street, Room 1008
416) 978-2305

The office is open Monday-Friday during specific times. All other times are by appointment.
View the hours for the Robarts Library Carrel Office.

Carrels in Other Libraries

Information about and application for Carrels in libraries other than the Robarts Library, e.g. OISE/UT, Gerstein Science Information Centre, St. Michael's College Library, please contact these libraries directly, see the List of UofT Libraries.

Mon. - Fri. 10am-5pm
Closed for Victoria Day, Canada Day, and Simcoe Day.



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