Circulation Services - terms of reference

The Circulation Services Committee is a standing committee.

Head, Access and Information Department, Robarts Library, 1
Manager, Access Services, Gerstein Science Information Centre, 1
Senior ILS Database Administrator, Information Technology Services, 1 
Each UTL library using the automated system for circulation, 1
Current appointed membership:

Andrea Shier                Criminology Information Service & Library
Anna Oh                       Inforum                                                          
Anna Szot- Sacawa       Law Library (Bora Laskin)                                
Anne McGillivray           Knox College Library (Caven)                          
Ben Walsh                    Engineering & Computer Science Library          
Beverly Branton            Victoria University E.J. Pratt Library
Bruce Garrod                Math Library 
Danuta Michrowski       St. Michael's Hospital Library   
Dorota Swieton             University of Toronto at Mississauga Library        
Eric James                   Noranda Earth Sciences Library
Helen Tang                   Richard Charles Lee Canada Hong Kong Library/ East Asian Library (Cheng Yu Tung)          
Jacqueline Bennett       Physics Library                                              
Tim Neufeldt                Music Library                                                  
Jane Sauder                 Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre                
Jeff Newman                New College Library (Ivey)                              
John Kutcher               Victoria University Emmanuel College Library      
Kate Johnson               Innis College Library
Lari Langford                Access and Information Department, Robarts Library          
Lisa Andrews-Attwater  Business Information Centre (Joseph L Rotman)               
Lisa Doherty                Architecture Landscape & Design Library(Shore + Moffat)  
Lyly Chung                  OISE/UT Library                                                            
Marcel Fortin                Map and Data Library                                                      
Margaret Fulford           University College Library (Laidlaw Library)                      
Margot Froud                Dentistry Library (Harry R Abbott)                                    
Mary Ann Vernon          University of Toronto at Scarborough Library                    
Mary MacKenzie          St. Michael's College Library (John M. Kelly Library)
Maryam Rezai-Atrie       St. Augustine's Seminary Library                                    
Mike Hamilton               Media Commons                                                    
Monica Jucha               U. of Toronto Schools Library            
Patricia Meindl              Chemistry Library (A D Allen)     
Peter Gurney                Gerstein Science Information Centre 
Renata Holder (chair)     Access Services, Gerstein Science Information Centre    
Susan Bond                 Trinity College Library (John W Graham Library)
Susan Stone                Resource Sharing
Terry Correia                 Robarts Library 
Teresa Helik                  Regis College Library
Wenran Zhang               Information Technology Services

Members are appointed by the head of their library or unit. 
The Committee shall elect its own chair triennially.

Terms of Reference:
  1. To serve as a forum for the exchange of information related to circulation.

  2. To investigate, anticipate, and respond to developments which may have an impact on circulation services.

  3. To review, from time to time, existing policies affecting circulation services.

  4. To co-ordinate circulation policies and procedures and training in order to provide effective circulation services.

  5. To meet regularly, at least four times a year.

  6. To confer, when appropriate, with staff in other groups, committees, and departments.

  7. To advise the Chief Librarian and the Director, Information Technology Services on circulation policies and procedures.


Last adjusted July 20, 2016