Policy on sending materials to UTL at Downsview

Transferring Material to UTL at Downsview:

  1. UTL at Downsview has been established in the online catalogue as a Library with its own loan policies. However, libraries which participate in using the facility retain ownership of the material and my reintegrate it into their own collections in exceptional circumstances.
  2. The criteria for sending material are:
    1. Low demand, as defined for itself by each participating library. In Robarts, newly acquired titles will in some cases be sent directly to Downsview.  Selectors have identified LC ranges and/or languages which (although essential for the research collection) have a documented record of low circulation, and newly-acquired titles to these will be sent to Downsview directly after cataloguing. 
    2. Duplication, including the availability of journals in reliable online form, as judged by selectors, and the availability online of materials scanned (e.g for the Internet Archive)
    3. Clearly superseded content (e.g. of reference works), as judged by selectors.

On the basis of these criteria, and also on the basis of expected low demand, any selector may assign the Downsview location to any particular title, already held, newly purchased, or acquired by gift, within his/her subject responsibility, consulting as appropriate when subjects overlap.  Any Downsview location assignment, however arrived at, may be reversed by any selector whose subject responsibility covers that title.

  1. Serials and monograph holdings at Downsview are unique copies.  The first set of any non-unique serial title sent may only be completed by any volumes missing.  Sending of any serial title should be preceded by posting to the Collection Development amd Management Committee listserv, for discussion and possibly other arrangements.  The UTL catalogue must be consulted, prior to transferring monographs, to ensure there is no existing “copy of record” already at Downsview or a copy in process for Downsview.
  2. Materials may not be sent without a record in the online catalogue, preferably a “minimal level” record or better as defined by the MARC 21 National Level Requirements, and at least at a “first level of description” as set forth in AACR2 1. 0D1
  3. The online catalogue must always show the location of materials, and, in the case of materials being processed, give information on the estimated waiting period before they may be requested.
  4. Every item sent must have a linked library barcode label and a property stamp.
  5. Sending libraries must ensure that all items are in good condition.  They must be checked for insects and fragility, and receive appropriate tratement before sending, including tying, wrapping, bagging or casing if necessary.  No mouldy material may be sent.
  6. Within reason and with due consultation, the Head of Access and Information may waive certain of the above provisions when circumstances (e.g. a library move, or a fleeting opportunity) call for immediate action, and storage or temporary storage at Downsview appears the most appropriate option.