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Instructor’s checklist for requesting a librarian visit

Getting Started

  • Have you been in touch with your liaison librarian? Start a conversation with your librarian about library instruction in the classroom. 
  • We prefer at least 2 weeks advance notice to ensure librarian availability. But the earlier, the better! A librarian visit works best when it takes place 2 to 3 weeks before a research assignment is due.
  • Have you passed along the following information to your librarian?
    • Course title, code, and section
    • Number of students in your class
    • A copy of the research assignment that your students are currently working on.
    • A copy of your course outline, if possible.

Before the Session

  • Have you informed your students of the time and location of the librarian visit, especially if the librarian visit is outside of your normal classroom and/or time?
  • Have you reviewed the research assignment with your students prior to the librarian visit and asked them to starting thinking about the information-seeking process?
  • Have you considered making attendance mandatory for the visit?
  • Are you able to attend the librarian visit? If there are questions regarding an assignment that come up in the library session, you are the best person to answer them.


  • Was the librarian visit beneficial to your students? Please feel free to provide feedback to your liaison librarian.

Download this page as a printable PDF.