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How do I create a permanent link to an article using the DOI?

DOIs can be used to create a permanent link to an article. This is helpful if you want to share the article with someone, or can be used as an easy way to bring up an article in the future. Building a permanent link using a DOI can be done through either of the following methods:

Using Article Finder

  1. Open Article Finder
  2. Enter the DOI (for example, 10.1021/ja100167z) in the DOI field 
  3. On the next page, a banner with the University of Toronto Libraries logo will appear at the top of the screen 
  4. Click the “Short UTL” link on the top left hand side screen shot of article help banner
  5. Now you have your permanent link:

This link will take you the page that displays the providers for your article.

Building your own link

  1. You will need the UTL proxy for you link – this will automatically give you access to University of Toronto electronic journals:
  2. Add the DOI resolver ( this:
  3. Add your specific DOI (for example: 10.1021/ja100167z) to the end of the string to create your permanent link:
  4. Now you have your permanent link: 

This link will take you directly to your article - you will not have a choice of providers (if you are off campus it will ask for your UTORid and password first).

Source.  Reproduced with gracious permission of author.

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