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How do I find a journal?

Find a journal in the library catalogue

Search for the journal by its title in the library catalogue.  For best results, choose the "journal title" option in the drop down menu.

search screen with developmental psychology entered

Search results will be both print and online versions of the journal.  If you prefer an online, use the "refine your search" menu on the left side of the screen.  Remember, not all journals are available online.

shows limit to online button

Read an online journal

If the journal is online, click one of the web links to open it.  Make sure that you choose a link that includes the years you're looking for.

catalogue record for the journal Nature with web links


If you're off campus, you'll be asked to log in with your UTORid beforeyou can view the journal's issues.

Read a paper journal

If the journal is in paper, go to the library where it is held and find it on the shelf.  Most libraries have a separate section just for journals.

catalogue record of a journal at Gerstein

Many paper journals have been moved to storage areas, but most libraries will retrieve it for you.  

journal with note about how to request it

Downview is our largest storage facility.  Request it online to have it delivered to your campus.

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