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How do I install the U of T Libraries my.access bookmarklet?

If you often do your research from off-campus, we recommend you install the my.access proxy bookmarklet so you can get immediate access to resources without having to go back and search the U of T Libraries website.

Note: The bookmarklet is compatible with most web browsers and platforms as long as your bookmarks or favorites allow javascript.

Installation Instructions for laptop & desktop computers

Add this link to your browser's favorites or bookmarks: U of T Libraries my.access Bookmarklet.

To add a bookmark you can:

  • Drag the link to the browser's toolbar or bookmarks folder
  • Right-click the link and save it

Installation Instructions for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Step 1: Copy this URL

On your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Select and copy the entire following line of text:


Step 2: Bookmark This Page

Tap the action arrow (IOS action icon) button at the bottom center of the screen (iPhone, iPod Touch) or to the left of the location bar (iPad) and then tap Add Bookmark. You should see something like this:

iPhone & iPad Proxy Bookmark Saving




The bookmark will automatically be named but you can change this name if you want. Save the bookmark to your Bookmarks folder and tap "Done".


Step 3: Edit the Bookmark

Tap the bookmarks button (it looks like an open book) at the bottom of the screen (iPhone) or top of the screen (iPad). Then, tap "Edit".  Find the bookmark you just saved and tap it. Tap the URL field in the bookmarket (it begins with "http://"), select all the text and paste the text you copied in Step 1.

screen shot of iPhone bookmark function

screen shot of iPhone bookmark function

screen shot of iPhone bookmark function

screen shot of iPhone bookmark function

Tap "Done" until you exit the bookmarks folder.

Adapted from MLibrary Proxy This Bookmarklet for iPhone and iPad and UW Libraries Off-Campus Access Tools.

What is the my.access proxy?

U of T uses a proxy server system known as "my.access" to allow U of T students, faculty and staff to access licensed online resources when they are off-campus, without the need of making any special changes to the settings of the off-campus computer they wish to use.

Login to my.access

When accessing a online resource restricted to U of T community members, users will be prompted to:

  • enter their UTORid, or
  • enter their 14 or 16 digit library barcode number, and their 4 digit PIN (last four digits of student or staff number)

* One time login for each browser session!

* There is no need to configure/unconfigure web browsers.

* my.access does not conflict with ISP proxies or firewalls.

Using the my.access proxy bookmarklet

Whenever you're on a page that contains restricted content (for example, a publisher's website for a journal):

  • select your my.access bookmarklet from your bookmarks folder or browser toolbar
  • enter your login information when you're redirected to the my.access login page
  • the page should automatically reload so you can enjoy full access as if you were on campus

In some cases you may need to use the browser's "Back" button to return to the resource URL, not the vendor's login/error page.

Licensed content is provided by a number of vendors and some content may not be purchased directly from the source you are using. In this case you will need to start from the library website or catalogue to see if you have access to this resource.


UTORvpn is the institutional Virtual Private Network of the University of Toronto providing staff, faculty and graduate students secure access to UofT's internal network from off campus. This service is intended to be used for work and study related purposes, and all of your internet traffic will be routed through UofT's network when you are connected.

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