I want to show a film on campus - do I need to do to get permission?

Like all textual materials, moving images and audiovisual media are subject to copyright, and have specific licensing and usage agreements. It is your responsibility to make sure your event is compliant with the Copyright Fair Dealing guidelines.

When showing a video in a course, using a film screening for educational purposes, sharing an excerpt of a film as part of a conference presentation, or are watching a film in the privacy of your own home, your rights are protected under fair dealing. Please see the University's statement on using audiovisual materials for more information.

If you are screening a film for a public audience - even if admittance is free of charge - your event constitutes a public performance. You are obligated to obtain permission and/or a license, unless your event fulfills one of the fair dealing exceptions - for example, if your event features an educational component, such as a lecture or roundtable discussion.

Visit the Media Commons site for details on advance reservations of audiovisual material for classroom/teaching use. Media Commons can also assist with theatre and screening room bookings. If your do need to purchase a license, Criterion Pictures and Allocine both offer comprehensive collections of films.

If you have specific questions, please contact copyright@library.utoronto.ca

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