What do all the icons mean in the library catalogue?

Icon Name Action
magnifying glass icon Magnifying glass Performs a search
marked items folder Marked folder Shows how many records you have marked in one session.  This icon will bring you to a page listing all of your marked records
Grouped records URL Grouped records Click to expand.  Shows similar search results that are grouped together
hamburger menu icon Three bars (hamburger) Opens main menu
full list view icon Full list view Lists search results with more details visible (default)
text only icon Text only view Lists search results with images removed
back to top icon Back to top Jumps back to the top of the current page
back arrow icon Back arrow Brings you back to your search results
ellipsis icon Item title ellipsis Displays an item record title that is more than two lines in length
share icon Share Opens links to options below
view icon View Opens item details page
request icon Request Opens the Request an item page for intercampus delivery and holds
link icon Link Produces a permanent link to the item in the catalogue
cite icon Cite Opens a list of citation styles for the item 
refworks icon RefWorks Exports the item information to RefWorks
email icon Email Sends an email with a link to the item
report icon Report Notifies the library of a problem with an online resource
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