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Accounts and Passwords


Your UTORid grants you access to many University of Toronto services. This section will provide information on managing and using your UTORid. Additional support regarding your UTORid can be provided at our Help Desk.


The JOINid is a unique user ID that is issued to applicants to the University of Toronto. The JOINid is temporary.  It becomes a permanent UTORid if the applicant becomes a UofT student. Applicants must enable  their JOINid before they can use it.

For graduate applicants, the JOINid gives early access to ACORN, the University's online portal for student accounts, course selection, and timetables. It also gives early access to selected online resources of the student housing office. Some graduate units use JOINids to give prospective students secure access to other online resources. See the JOINid website for more details or to enable your JOINid.

Additional Accounts at U of T

Note: The Help Desk does not provide support for the types of accounts listed below.

ROSI Alumni Transcripts — ROSI Alumni Transcripts is a service for alumni to view their academic history, request transcripts and reset their PIN. 

Department-specific accounts — These accounts may be used for departmental resources. For information on these accounts, please contact your department.

What to do if your email account has been blocked

Your account may have been blocked if it has been suspected of sending SPAM or multiple log ins, from different countries in a short period of time. The result is that you may not be able to log into your account, or you may receive a bounce back message that your address is not recognized as a valid sender. It also is important to determine how the block happened, so that blocks can be avoided in the future.