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Computer Facilities

University of Toronto Libraries has over 700 computers available for use by those with a valid UTORid and password. There are also some computers available for visitors. See the article about Library & Internet Resource Account (LIRA) workstations. Information about locations and availability can be viewed on the Live Computer Availability website.

Everyone using these facilities should be aware of and adhere to the policy on Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology and various other applicable policies. In particular, people without valid TCards, Library cards, or people who exhibit disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, will be asked to leave the facility.

Other Computing Facilities

University of Toronto departments, colleges and faculties provide a variety of computer services to its students, faculty, and staff. Check their websites for eligibility to use any listed facilities.

Library computer file recovery

At logout, files left on the Desktop and in the Documents folder may be cached for up to 72 hours. They are cached to allow document recovery should a computer crash during use, be inadvertently logged out, or you forget to save your files to a USB key, email, or web storage.

Files are securely cached so that other users cannot access your data.

To access your documents, return to the same computer and log in with the UTORid that was used to create the files. Cached files will be restored automatically.

Library computers "grace period" warning

Returning students and special-status University affiliates who are not registered or employed for the current academic session are given 30 days of computing privileges at the beginning of each term. Once this "grace period" expires, a patron will lose all privileges until registration or HR issues are resolved. It may take up to one week for the relevant information to be processed and forwarded by the various departments to the Information Commons systems before privileges are reinstated.

Personal Software and CAF Workstations

The CAF computers are provided with specific software configurations and you are entitled to use ONLY the software applications provided. You are not allowed to use or install your own software or to modify the software configuration of these computers in any way. Such conduct will be considered a contravention of the policy prohibiting disruptive behaviour, and appropriate action will be taken.