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List Subscribers

This document assumes you have read the overview document which has important information you will need before continuing to use the UTORlist web interface.

Disclaimer: Parts of this document have been adapted from the manuals provided by Lsoft.

E-mail Account

A subscriber can use their UofT e-mail address or any other e-mail address.


The following PDF manual is available from the Lsoft website:

Tools for LISTSERV lists

You can either use the web interface to add or delete yourself from a list, send a message to the list owner, and set subscription options, or you can continue to use the command line from your email. Before you can use the web interface, you will need to create a password to access the site.

Who To Call For Help

If you are experiencing difficulty using the list or have other concerns related to the list you are subscribed to, you should contact the list owner.

Subscribe to a List

To use the UTORlist service, you can use your UofT email address or any other email address. The LISTSERV software extracts your email address from the email message you send and uses this address to distribute mail to you. 

Lists have different settings and therefore you may or may not be able to self-subscribe. You can contact the list owner to request to be added/subscribed to a list.  Below are the three most common methods to subscribe to a list at UofT.

Setting Digest Mode 

You can request to have your messages sent in digest mode for a particular list. In digest mode, individual messages that would normally be sent throughout the day are combined into a single message and sent out after midnight. This is convenient if the list is a busy one, or if you just want to print all the daily messages and read them offline.