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SPAM and Junk Mail Blocking

SPAM is a term for unsolicited e-mail, the Internet equivalent of junk mail or unsolicited phone marketing. Most of the time SPAM comes in the form of advertising or get-rich quick messages. Unfortunately, spam messages can also have pornographic content or advertise sex related products and/or services in varying degrees of explicitness.

UTmail+ uses Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to filter suspected spam (SCL of 5 and above), phishing, virus and unwanted bulk (BCL of 7 and above)?emails.

You should regularly check your junk-mail folder for misclassified good messages and move them to your inbox.

Safe Sender or Accept lists

You can create a Safe Sender and Recipients list to ensure messages from certain email addresses never get marked as SPAM. In general, it is not necessary to add everyone who sends you messages to your Safe Sender or Accept list. False positives in such cases are rare. However, some newsletters have characteristics of SPAM, and the sender email address should be added tif you want to ensure delivery.