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Student Email

UTmail+ is the student email and calendar service at the University of Toronto. The service is powered by the Microsoft 365 platform and supports integrated email, calendaring, contacts and task lists.

Access from anywhere

UTmail+ lets you use a web browser to access your mailbox from any computer that has an internet connection. Just go to and log in with your UTORid and password. You can also access UTmail+ through mail clients like Outlook, or mobile devices like iPhone.

Microsoft 365 ProPlus

Your UTmail+ account gives you access to full desktop and mobile versions of Microsoft Office to install on your personal devices. You may run Office on up to 5 machines (Mac or PC). You can also run the Office Mobile Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on up to 5 mobile devices (on various platforms). More details and installation instructions are available from the Microsoft 365 ProPlus page.

Activating UTmail+ accounts for new students

New students to U of T are automatically given a UTmail+ account. Your account is set up during UTORid activation. For more details, see the UTORid activation article.

If you are activating a UTmail+ account you will be taken through the setup which gives you the opportunity to set your privacy options (how to remove yourself from the Global Address List, hide your free/busy status, and change your junk mail settings).

UTmail+ Account for someone who is both Staff and Student

If you are a student and you also have staff status, your student and staff accounts will be merged into one staff/student mailbox. You will have a student UTmail+ email address ( and a staff address (

Your default From address will be your staff address but you can select your preferred UTmail+ From address - go to the UTORid Management page and under Make Changes, click on change your UTmail+ From email address