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Your TCard is more than just your ID or Library card. With TCard+ now available at the St. George Campus, students, faculty and staff can& swipe and pay using an existing TCard for goods and services across the St. George and Scarborough campuses of the University of Toronto. 

The TCard webpage has detailed information about how TCards, activations and getting email accounts are being handled during the closure due to COVID-19.

The Help Desk can assist with lost SAKs, or issues with your UTORid and password with regards to any TCard questions. Please visit the TCard website for other information. 

TCard+ allows you to load funds online, check transaction history and view account statements. Get started on the TCard+ eAccounts Sign In page.

Your TCard is accepted as a form of payment at food outlets, vending machines, printers, photocopiers, the U of T Bookstore and much more! See the TCard+ website or a full list of merchants.Additional questions and answers about the TCard+ system are available at:

Do you have questions that are not answered here or on the TCard+ site? Please contact Glen Morales, Library Operations,

What if I lose my TCard – will I lose the money I have added to my TBucks account?

If a TCard is lost or stolen, the balance in your TBucks account is protected from the time the card is reported missing. Since funds will be saved to your online account instead of the chip on your TCard, balances from lost or stolen cards will be automatically transferred within 24 hours of the replacement card's issuance.

I’m not a student, staff or faculty member at U of T. How do I pay for printing or photocopying?

Guest Cards (previously called Visitor Cards) can be purchased from Guest Card & Cash Loading Stations at Robarts Library and the Gerstein Science Information Centre, or at the service desk at other libraries, for $5. This initial purchase dispenses a guest card with $4.25 on it. Users can load additional funds to the card online or at Guest Card & Cash Loading Stations in minimum increments of $5.

If my TCard is not working, what should I do?

If you are experiencing trouble using your card please follow the following steps:

  • Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account by visiting (select Check Your Balance) or swiping at a Guest Card & Cash Loading Station.
  • If you have sufficient funds but continue to experience trouble using your card, please contact TCard+ for further assistance:

How do I add funds to my TCard now?

You can add funds (TBucks) to your TCard online 24/7 at:

Newly issued TCards will be enabled in the TCard+ system by 8 am the following day, at which time funds may be loaded online or at a Guest Card & Cash Loading station at Robarts Library or the Gerstein Science Information Centre. In the interim, library staff will print or photocopy documents for users with newly issued TCards at no cost. Please visit the print station on the first floor of Robarts Library for assistance. 

Can users with Guest Cards check account balances and load funds online?

Guest Cards users will be able to load funds online. However, Guest Cards do not have the same online functionality as for TCard users with UTORids. It is not currently possible to view transactions and monthly statements for Guest Cards. Users will be able to swipe their Guest Card at any machine to view their balance. 

Guest Cards users should keep their card number stored in a safe place. In the event a Guest Card is lost or stolen, the card holder will need to call the TCard+ Office at 416-208-2233 to have their card deactivated to protect their online funds.