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Troubleshooting UTmail+ issues

Office 365 Search Not Working

If you are not getting any results at all when searching for something in Outlook it may be an indexing issue. If your results come up empty, you will need to rebuild the index.

Rebuilding the Index in Outlook 365

Please note: This solution requires admin rights on your computer. If you are on a managed computer, please contact your local IT support if you experience this issue.

Troubleshooting Web Browser Issues with UTmail+

Most of the problems we have seen with using UTmail+ in Web browsers is because of a browser Add-on (also called extensions or plug-ins). This article will outline a simple way to test if such a program is causing the problem you are experiencing, and provide guidance for how to more permanently solve the issue.

Another issue could be cookies. See our article about Clearing Browser Cookies.

All modern web browsers come with special modes which disable all add-ons. These modes will allow you to quickly diagnose if add-ons are an issue.