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Using UTmail+ Email

Merged Student and Staff email accounts - create a rule to separate student messages from staff messages

If you have an or an account, it will be merged with your account. If you wish to keep incoming messages to each account separate, you will need to create a rule so that messages sent to your account are sorted into another folder.

Please note: this will only sort email coming from sources external to U of T into a separate folder. 

Forwarding Email from UTmail+

You can set up mail forwarding to another email account such as a non-UofT email account.

Note: The University of Toronto will ensure message delivery between the University and your UTmail+ account. The University of Toronto cannot guarantee that messages will successfully be received if forwarded to other services (such as Gmail, Hotmail, or any non-UofT address).

Privacy Options (Global Address List) for UTmail+ Accounts

Global Address List (GAL) and UofT Institutional e-mail Listing

UTmail+ maintains a directory of all users called the Global Address List (GAL) which can only be searched by registered users of the UTmail+ system. You can choose to remove your information from the GAL during account activation or after, in the UTORid management page. This will limit some of the functionality of the email and calendaring system. Some of the limitations include:

Email storage quota

You have 50 GB of storage for email in your UTmail+ account. To find out how much you are using, log into OWA at, go to Settings > View all Outlook Settings and choose Storage under the General heading from the menu on the left-hand side. Your Mailbox usage is displayed near the bottom right corner.