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UTORid Accounts

UTORid deactivation

A UTORid is a permanent identifier that is not deactivated when you leave the University. 

Services associated with the UTORid change as your role within the University changes – you will automatically lose access to certain services after graduation or after leaving employment with the University.

To see what services use your UTORid in conjunction with your role within the University, see the article  Which UTOR series and other services am I eligible for?

Only part of my first name appears when I try to activate my UTORid. How do I correct this?

If you have a blank space in your first name, the system will only display the part of your first name before the blank character. This does not mean that the University has your official name incorrect; this is just how the system will display your name. As long as your registrar has your correct name, that name will appear on your degree as well as on your transcript. You can check this by logging into ACORN.