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Migration Notice: UTORvpn is undergoing a migration from OpenVPN to Cisco's ASA VPN. For full details on the new service, see Anyone wanting to use UTORvpn should use the AnyConnect client.

UTORvpn is restricted to faculty, staff, and students. It creates a direct connection to U of T's network, giving your computer a University IP address.

Installing and Connecting with the AnyConnect client for Linux

The Cisco AnyConnect Client must be installed before using UTORvpn on OS X.

  1. Download the Linux Client file from You must have a valid UTORid and be eligible for the service.
  2. Navigate to your Downloads folder an extract tar.gz file to a directory.
  3. Navigate to the VPN directory in the extracted directory. Right click in the directory and choose Open In Terminal.
  4. Run the command:

    sudo bash