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Can I change my email address?

If you want to change your individual email address ( OR, you will be able to change the firstname part only.

Email addresses at the University of Toronto fall into three categories: individual, departmental and non UTmail+. Individual accounts are those consisting of OR Departmental accounts can be Non-UTmail+ accounts do not end in OR (e.g. If your email is a UTmail+ account, read the appropriate section below. Otherwise, contact your local IT support for help with your non-UTmail+ accounts.

Important note: An email address change is, in practice, a replacement of your old account. This means that any messages sent to your old address will be returned to the sender. Also, since your previous address will become available for others to use it is possible that someone with the same last name can claim the old address and receive mail intended for you. It is the responsibility of the email user to inform all of their correspondents of any email address change. Any email address changes submitted take until the next day to be implemented.

Individual accounts

Individual email accounts have the form of OR (e.g. OR These accounts can have the firstname of the address changed only. For example, to OR jane.smith@utoronto could be changed to To change the first part of your e-mail address go to the UTORid Change your e-mail address website.

If you have changed your last name legally, then you must register this change with the University. If you are a student, you need to change it with ACORN. If you are a member of staff or faculty, you should contact Human Resources. After you have changed your name in the University records, you can send a request to to have your email address changed. Be sure to include your UTORid and/or library number with the request to assist the Help Desk staff in processing your request.

Departmental address

Departmental addresses are used by academic departments, student groups and others (e.g.  These accounts can be changed to anything else (e.g. considered reasonable by the department. That change can be performed at the change UTORid e-mail address website.

Non UTmail+ accounts

If your email address does not end in OR, it is a departmental account (e.g.,an email address that ends in or – for example:,,, etc.). You should contact your local IT support for changes to this account.