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Shared Mailbox - Giving Delegate Access to Others using UTORGrouper

Please note: If you are trying to access UTORgrouper from a non-UofT network, you will need to go through UTORvpn.

If you are the owner of a Shared Mailbox and wish to delegate access, you can only grant access to those who have a UTmail+ account.

    Modify Groups

    Add members

    1. Log into

      UTORGrouper screen shot
    2. Click My groups. Under Groups I manage, click on the group you'd like to modify.For a description of the different groups, see the article Shared Mailbox permission levels.
    3. Click Add members.
    4. Type the email address or UTORid of the person you would like to add. Choose their name from the dropdown. Please note that if you accidentally click somewhere other than on the name, you may have to delete the contents of the search field and retype it.
      Please note that group names currently include the Shared Mailbox ID in parentheses at the end. There will be an upcoming change to replace the parentheses with square brackets. These characters should NOT be included in any mailbox search you do.

      UTORGrouper search
    5. Select Default privileges and click Add.
    6. Those people who have been granted access will need to set up their email clients. Instructions are available under the section Opening a Shared Mailbox on the Shared Mailboxes page. Please wait 1 hour, then restart your Outlook client or log into to access the mailbox.

    Remove members

    1. Log into
    2. Click My groups. Under Groups I manage, click on the group you'd like to modify.
    3. Select the checkbox next to a member's name and click Remove selected members.