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Installing and Connecting with the AnyConnect client for Windows

The Cisco AnyConnect Client must be installed before using UTORvpn on windows.

  1. Download the Windows Client file from You must have a valid UTORid and be eligible for the service.
  2. Run the installer file, and accept the license agreement.
  3. You will need to be an administrator on your computer to finish installing the client. If you are on a managed workstation, contact your IT support to have them deploy the AnyConnect client.

Start the AnyConnect and connect to UTORvpn.

Getting Connected

  1. Open the AnyConnect Client.
  2. Enter or select and click Connect.

  3. An authentication window will open for the group “utorvpn”. Enter your UTORid and Password. Click OK.

  4. Your computer will now notify you that it is connected to the VPN.


  1. Open the AnyConnect Client
  2. Click Disconnect.