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Searching for missing email messages

If you believe you are missing messages from your UTmail+ account, the following tips will help you search for the messages. If the messages are not found, please please contact the Help Desk and we can investigate possible causes. Please note: if a message cannot be found using these methods it is highly unlikely we will be able to retrieve it.

  • Check your Deleted Items Folder — This is time critical as messages are automatically erased after 30 days. There are several sort options (by date, by sender, by size, etc.) you can employ to help locate the message.
  • Check the Recover Deleted Items Tool — Again, this is time critical. Once a message is erased from the Deleted Items folder, it can be recovered for an additional 30 days. This tool is accessed through OWA by right-clicking on the Deleted Items folder and selecting “Recover Deleted Items”.
  • Search OWA folders for the message — On the main OWA page, there is a search that will return results from all email folders on OWA. If the search gives an error message, please consult our article on troubleshooting OWA errors . Please note that there is a limit on email search results in OWA
  • Search Offline Folders — If you use an email client (desktop program or mobile device) these can sometimes move or store messages in local folders (particularly sent messages). Look through all devices and programs you have connected to your email account.
  • Turn off Conversation view — If messages are routinely disappearing, they can become hidden in the message thread view. This can be turned off in a folder by clicking on the sorting options and turning off the conversation view option.
  • Rebuild the Office 365 index — If you are not getting any results at all when searching for something in Outlook it may be an indexing issue. If your results come up empty, you will need to rebuild the index.