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Configuring Dell computers to restart after a power outage

Dell computers can be configured via their firmware to:

a) always power on after A/C power is restored,
b) return to the state they were in prior to a power outage (power on, if they were on or stay off if they were off when power was lost),
c) power on at a particular time of day if turned off.

Dell computers can use the Dell Command | Configure (previously known as the CCTK) to manage firmware settings.
Downloads and documentation can be found on the Dell website.

The current version of Dell Command | Configure (4.2.1) supports systems with WMI-ACPI support (newer than 2016).
Older systems may require the version 3.3 client.

To configure the system to start up automatically every time power is restored:
cctk.exe --ValSetupPwd={CurrentBIOSSetupPassword} --AcPwrRcvry=on

To configure a system to return to the state it was in when power was lost:
cctk.exe --ValSetupPwd={CurrentBIOSSetupPassword} --AcPwrRcvry=last

To configure a system to power on (if off) every morning at 8am:
cctk.exe --ValSetupPwd={CurrentBIOSSetupPassword} --AutoOn=Everyday --AutoOnHr=8 --AutoOnMn=0

To configure a system to power on (if off) weekday mornings at 8:15am:
cctk.exe --ValSetupPwd={CurrentBIOSSetupPassword} --AutoOn=SelectDays:Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri --AutoOnHr=8 --AutoOnMn=15