Library Council, Unversity of Toronto Libraries

Library Council is a body of appointed and elected members formed to advise and assist the Chief Librarian at the University of Toronto Libraries. It's primary role is the development of policies, procedures and plans and to assist in the implementation of policy as required.for the central libraries of the University of Toronto Library system (UTL). Click here for the list of central libraries of the University of Toronto Library System.


About the Library Council Committee:
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2012 Meeting dates, agendas, minutes & documents
Includes agendas, minutes and other documents discussed at the meetings. All library council committee meetings begin at 2:30pm in the conference room of Library Administration on the 2nd of the John P. Robarts Research Library.


Documents from Library Council meetings, 1996-2011
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Standing commitees
Includes links to terms of reference, membership & committee chairs. For reports and other documents of standing committees or individuals, see the "Committees, Task Force & Annual Reports" section below.


Committees, task force & annual reports
Reports from Library Council committees and task forces presented at meetings. Recommnedations contained in such documents become the Council's advice to the Chief Librarian. If accepted, such recommendations may form the basis of Library policy as set out in the Chief Librarian's Administrative Memoranda. Ad Hoc Committee documents are also included.



List of libraries that compose the central libraries of the University of Toronto Library system:

  • Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library
  • Engineering & Computer Science Library
  • Gerstein Science Information Centre
  • John P. Robarts Research Library
  • Map & Data Library (5th floor in Robarts Library)
  • Mathematics Library
  • Media Commons (Audiovisual and Microtext (3rd floor in Robarts Library)
  • Noranda Earth Sciences Library
  • OISE Library
  • Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre (3rd floor in Robarts Library)
  • Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library (8th floor in Robarts Library)
  • Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
  • UofT Archives & Records Management Services, UTARMS (5th floor of the Fisher Library)