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Library Supported Researcher Awarded Bank of Canada Fellowship

University of Toronto economist Michelle Alexopoulos has been awarded a prestigious Bank of Canada Fellowship which grants recipients annual funding of up to $90,000 for a term of up to five years. Alexopoulos' research has focused on using data-mining and textual analysis techniques in conjunction with library catalogues and newspaper collections to fill existing data gaps. Her work has mostly concentrated on measurement in two key areas - technical change and sentiment/uncertainty- to gain insights into the economic effects of shocks and to test related theories. Alexopolous considers the University of Toronto Libraries essential to her work, "The University of Toronto Libraries, with its vast collections and talented personnel, has been a critical partner in this research. I am excited to continue working with the Library throughout the term of the Bank of Canada Fellowship as I expand my research on tracking trends and development in the Canadian economy and our country's key trading partners." 

Learn more about Alexopoulos' award and research here