Reference Services committee terms of reference

Minutes and annual reports

I. The Reference Services Committee is a standing committee of the Library Council.

Updated terms approved May 2013

II. Membership


  • Head, Reference Department, Robarts 1
  • Coordinator, Reference and Research, Gerstein 1
  • Web Services Coordinator 1
  • Digital Services Librarian 1
  • Head, Faculty and Student Engagement 1


  • Circulation Services 1
  • Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group 1
  • Collection Development 1
  • Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library 1
  • Data, Map and Government Information Services 1
  • Dentistry Library 1
  • Engineering and Computer Science Library 1
  • Gerstein Science Information Centre 1
  • Media Commons 1
  • Noranda Earth Sciences Library 1
  • OISE/UT Library 1
  • Reference Department, Robarts 1
  • Resource Sharing Services 1
  • Scholars Portal 1
  • Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library 1
  • University of Toronto at Mississauga Library 1
  • University of Toronto at Scarborough Library 1
  • Web Advisory Committee 1
  • Each campus library wishing to participate 1

Members are appointed by the head of their library or unit.
Members shall serve a one-year term with reappointment possible.They shall elect their own chairperson annually.
Meetings are open, and representatives from any cmapus library may attend.

III. Terms of Reference

  1. To identify, consider and recommend initiatives to enhance reference services in the central library and, where appropriate, in the campus libraries.
  2. To share information related to reference services.
  3. To coordinate activities related to the provision of reference services.
  4. To anticipate and respond in a coordinated manner to developments in the library system which may have an impact on reference services: for example, forming subcommittees charged with working on specific areas of reference services deemed necessary and beneficial by the committee.
  5. To communicate relevant information related to reference services to other areas of the library system, as appropriate.
  6. To review, from time to time, existing reference services.
  7. To meet regularly, at least eight times a year.
  8. To report regularly to Library Council in May of each year.
  9. To collaborate with the Staff Development Committee in order to facilitate opportunities for reference-related staff development activities.