Library Forum

Terms of Reference

The Library Forum meets with the Chief Librarian of the University of Toronto to discuss policies, procedures and plans for the central libraries.


The membership of 10 – 12 people will include librarian, PM/Confidential, and unionized staff from the central libraries. Members will serve a two year term, but may apply for an additional term. It is expected that the membership will rotate to allow opportunities for other interested staff to participate.

The chair will be selected by the membership at the first meeting and will hold a two year term.


The forum will plan to meet quarterly.

An agenda will be developed after a call to the membership for topics for discussion. A Chief Librarian’s Update will be a standing item on the agenda.


  1. Reviewing the goals, objectives and priorities of the central libraries strategic plan through discussion and by making recommendations to the Chief Librarian.
  2. Seeking input on topics under discussion from all parts of the Library system, and, when appropriate, from the University community.
  3. Seeking input and disseminating the substance of the meetings to the university library community.TSXreviewJanuary2017.pdf