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Create a Shared UTmail+ Mailbox (Faculty and staff)

Note: These instructions describe the new shared mailbox provisioning process done via the Enterprise Service Centre. Requests are no longer processed through UTL Reader Registration.

1. Go to the Create Shared Mailbox Request form on the Enterprise Service Centre (ESC) website. You will be prompted to log in with your UTORid and password before you can access the form. 

2. Fill out the Create Shared Mailbox Request form. Your name and your manager’s name will populate the form automatically. You will then be prompted to enter: 

  • Your requested email address 
  • A mailbox display name 
  • Your department 
  • A backup mailbox owner (optional)
  • The email address of each person who requires access to the mailbox 

3. When you have completed the form, click Submit

4. Your manager will receive an automatic email to approve your request. 

5. Information Technology Services will create your shared mailbox. When your new shared mailbox is ready, you will receive a notification to your University of Toronto email address. The notification will instruct you on how you can access your new shared mailbox.