Sensitive Data

Sensitive data refers to any data that, if released to the public, would have an adverse effect or cause potential harm (for example, an individual's racial or ethnic origin or political opinions, geospatial data related endangered species nesting sites, etc.). Sensitive data would also include confidential material such as data gathered about human subjects. 

If you have sensitive data, you will face unique data management and dissemination requirements. Sensitive data should be password protected and stored with encryption on a secure server with role-based rights.

For information on working with sensitive data, refer to the University of Toronto’s Office of Research and Innovation's Policies, Guidelines and Procedures, for related policies including:

•    Data Security Standards for Personally Identifiable and Other Confidential Data in Research
•    Guidelines for Considering Access to Human Participant Research Data
•    Guidelines for Research Involving Possible External Pressure to Disclose Participant Data

Any research conducted involving human subjects must go through the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board