Instruction in Library Use (ILU) Committee Minutes, January 17, 2007


Sheril Hook (Chair) Chard Crichton, Elaine Tamura, Elena Prigoda Jeff Newman Jenny Mendelsohn Nalini Singh Richard Carter,

Next meeting February 21, Gerstein Science Information Centre. Joan Leishman will be a guest to discuss her work on the curriculum review committee.

March 21 meeting will be at 10:00am at UTM


Sheril Hook will be attending ALA Elena has a chapter in a new book entitled Library as Place Alison Girling announced that she is leaving E.J. Pratt Library in February.

Approval of the Minutes

Minutes were approved as submitted.

Business arising from the minutes

Elena noted that Gerstein will not be ready to present until the summer. Nalini and Richard also need more time to prepare due to staffing shortages at their respective libraries.

The committee discussed sharing journal articles and the possibility of demonstrations software applications such as Captivate in the future.

PD Event Evaluation Forms

Jenny wondered if we received any suggestions for next year.

The library as place Presentation Skills Instrument design

Jenny initiated a discussion on the recent Professional Development Kick-off event. She noted that professional development and leadership are such hard things to teach. She also commented on how successful and important our annual events are for the learning and the networking. Nalini pointed out that this sentiment was echoed in the feedback from the session.

Sheril mentioned that Reference services meetings are always attended by people who are not on the committee and wondered why ILU doesn';t get that kind of buy in. Alison commented that the Teaching Learning Group meetings were very well attended. This led into a discussion on how to find good speakers for upcoming PD events.

It was agreed that people who are attending conferences should keep an eye out for good presentations that could serve as the foundation for upcoming events.

The UTL staff conference was also discussed. The staff conference will include Ryerson and York this year.

UTL Intranet

Elaine Tamura has been working with Richard Hydal to create a space for the ILU committee in the staff intranet. Richard has agreed to be the central person for getting information online. This includes posting minutes.

Things to be considered:

There was some discussion about where our most recent version of the terms of reference could be found.

*Action item: send past copies of minutes to Elaine Tamura €” Everyone *Action item: come up with a list of previous PD events €” Nalini *Action item: locate list of instruction conferences €” Nalini *Action item: invite Stephen Hong to take committees picture of committee (invite him for around 10:15)€” Cris *Action item: For February Agenda: bring instruction related links that might be useful

ILU Chair

Sheril received no nominations. She proposed that she continue through the winter under the proviso that someone will pick up the chair sometime over in May. It was noted that the chair is also a member of the Publications committee, LC Steering committee and Library Council. The committee thanked Sheril for her flexibility.

ILU pages

Jeff Newman announced that the Robarts Library was going to begin developing its own ILU pages. Jeff has been responsible for updating the main ILU pages but will have to devote his energies to the Robarts Library pages and asked the ILU committee to take responsibility for maintaining and updating the main ILU site.

It was suggested that the committee could redesign the pages to link to information available on the pages of specialist libraries.

Suzanne Meyers Sawa opened a discussion about standardised template. Alison Girling discussed linking to the online version of the brochures.

Richard expressed interest in helping to update the content. Nalini suggested forming a sub committee to look at the the the content of the ILU pages. Nalini also suggested that any sub committee should look at the usability data from the website redesign. Suzanne Meyers Sawa wondered how Robarts-centric the ILU pages are. She pointed out that we would have to add content to include the other libraries services and materials.

The committee agreed to strike a working group. This group shall (initially) be composed of:

The sub-committee has been charged with bringing an interim report back to the ILU committee at the March 21, 2007 meeting.

Sheril talked about their class on request service where they will book a class for two or more people. They also use these requests to determine which large classes might need support. This is advertised on bookmarks and in sessions. The request form is available on the student portal.

Spring Activities

discussions around journal articles sharing things that are happening in our libraries (informal, 15 minutes)

For February agenda:

Jenny wondered how we can get people more involved. Sheril discussed choose practical articles. Everyone would have to read the articles in order to participate. Elaine discussed a similar discussion group at UT Scarborough. The articles were discussed and then used as a springboard for discussion into how to improve services at UT Scarborough.

If the attendance is large enough we could break the discussion into smaller groups to facilitate more discussion.

Sheril wondered if this would be an opportunity to liaise with the PD group or have Rita come in to talk about blackboard. The committee liked the idea of having Rita come in to discuss moving forward with blackboard. Jenny wondered if we wanted to know if we wanted a presentation on blackboard in general or about blackboard within the context of ILU.

Meeting adjourned.