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Report of the Acquisitions Users Group Annual Report 1999/2000

The Group has not met since last report, finding e-mail sufficient to deal with the few matters that have arisen. The only significant activity was assisting in preparation of the acquisitions section of the Software Improvement Requests which the Library submits to DRA in the Spring, and voting on all users' submissions in this section in the Fall.

The Chair continues to attend meetings of the Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group as liaison.

As U. of T. at Scarborough is now using DRA Acquisitions, S. Dyas-Correia becomes a member of the Group instead of an observer. Other current members of the Group are: M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch, S. Cozzi, L. McNair, E. Aer, C. Jaffray, M. Lee, S. Alston, I. Crellin, E. Fillion, K. Roberts, S. Swift, M. Misiek, E. Houtman (two members retiring in June will need to be replaced). Observers: G. Grof (Order Unit), J. Winter (U. of T. at Mississauga), C. Socknat (Victoria).

Submitted by L. McNair, chair
May 2, 2000

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