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Minutes of Library Council

Wednesday, April 29, 1998
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: A. Masters, C. Moore, E. Fillion, I. Wagle, J. Raic, K. Martyn, L. McNair, M. Cummins, M. Lee, M. Rosenstock, S. Newman, V. Downs, W. Sydorenko
Guests: G. Wells, W. Holder
Absent/Regrets: A. Cheng, P. Clinton, A. Rae, A. Thierry-Broad, A. U, B. Edwards, C, Jaffray, C. Matthews, C. Murray, D. D'Agostino, E. Aer, E. Collins, E. Granatstein, E. Schlauch, G. Bravo, G. Grof, I. Prociuk, J. Clark, J. Leishman, J. Mendelsohn, J. Snow, K. Turko, L. Langford, L. Ulanday, M. Pearson, N. Lewis, R. Gocht, R. Healey, S. Brown, S. Cozzi, S. Crotty, S. Stone


  1. Minutes of the meeting of April 29, 1998.

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report

  4. Sub-committee on Committees - report - E. Fillion

  5. Copyright - update on Resource Sharing Implementation - Carole and Jane Clark

  6. Task Force on Brittle Books - report - K. Turko

  7. Annual reports - Serials users Group - Carmen Socknat

  8. Question period: Lachlan McNair - "In February 1997, you said that, as a test site, we would have input into the development of the new Web 2 version of DRA. Please give us an update on what has been happening. Is it an integrated system or only a new OPAC? Is it a major improvement over Web 1? (Response - Peter Clinton)

  9. Other business

Next meeting: June 12, 1998, 2:00 p.m.
Minutes of the meeting of Wednesday, April 29, 1998:
Minutes of the meeting of March 25th, 1998: Chair said that S. Alston should be removed from the attendance list as she is not a member. Minutes were then accepted as prepared.
Business arising from the minutes: #2:
The annuals are still missing. The Chair will contact Susan Cozzi.
Chief Librarian's report:
The Chief Librarian gave an update on the Library budget and University budget, the University is still waiting for confirmation on the tuition policy which has postponed the announcement of the University budget. Hopefully, the Provost will be able to bring forward a recommendation in May, which should, for the Library include an allocation for the cataloguing backlog and some equipment. The long range budget guidelines have been approved. The general assumptions and guidelines are always subject to change with provincial funding. The current plans should be completed in the next two years. The Provost will issue a white paper on planning for the years 2000-2004. From the academic divisions, including our own, there will be an reallocation cut of approximately 6% or 1.5% per year. All divisions will have to compete. The Chief Librarian asked the Council to think about ideas for new services or strengthening of current services. She felt that the Library could make a strong case. The future plans for the Mathematics and the Computer Science libraries are under discussion.

In response to questions the Chief Librarian noted that proposals for funding will be presented to the Provost, who will, in turn, bring his recommendations to the Budget Committee and Academic Board. Carole stressed the importance of presenting persuasive proposals which show clear benefits for students, faculty and the entire institution. Carole stated that 2000-2004 will be a time for renewing faculty and staff and a period of growth. Carole noted the positive results of the merger with OISE with respect to library rankings.

Sub-committee on Committees:
Elinor distributed her proposed changes in memberships to the council. The committees which do not meet very often have been reviewed. There are three committees which have been put on hold. Other committees had changes in the terms of reference and they have all been brought up-to-date. Some membership changes have taken place. The terms of reference on the Sub committees on Committees will also be reviewed shortly.
To communicate with all campus libraries which would like to send representatives to meetings, Chairs should send e-mail messages campus-wide to inform about meetings, etc.
Annual reports:
a) Acquisitions Users Group: After some discussion, Lachlan moved acceptance of the report. Council voted to accept report.

b) Committee for Library Services to Persons with Disabilities: Iqbal distributed her report and strategic plan.

In response to a question about drinking fountains for the disabled, Carole said she would see that the issue was addressed promptly. A suggestion was made about light signals which will be reviewed. Iqbal moved that the annual report be accepted. The Council voted to accept the report.

Question period:
Iqbal Wagle- Has the Library's policy changed regarding the filming of U of T's newspapers? e.g. Varsity. Garron Wells reported that the library no longer films through the Preservation Department. Garron added that Archives does have the Varsity which they maintain and set aside for filming, but there is no money available to do this. Iqbal added that the Varsity is the most heavily used paper. It was suggested that SAC or the University might provide money. Another alternative may be digitization. Michael Rosenstock will look into the cost of microfilming and other forms of preservation.
Other business: None.
Next meeting: May 27, 1998 at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

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