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Annual Report of the Circulation Services Committee
Wednesday September 26, 2001

The Circulation Services Committee meets monthly from September through June. At our meetings we are primarily concerned with very precise details which impact on the policies and procedures used by Circulation staff. Much of this detailed discussion does not make for very interesting reading, so this report concentrates on the broader issues raised at the meetings.

In July 2000 there was a change in loan privileges for graduate students, staff, and faculty members. In exchange for more generous loan periods, representatives of these three groups agreed that books, which had been requested by another borrower, could be recalled before their due date. The Libraries represented at Circulation Services worked together to decide upon consistent procedures. Library staff in general, as well as those responsible for handling these new recalls, explained the new policy to our users. The change in loan period and the recall process has been very well received by the users.

August of this year was the planned date for implementing the new TAOS product. It was decided by the Library not to go ahead and instead an RFI process was undertaken. The Circulation Services Committee assisted in drawing up a list of general questions for the vendors to address in their presentation. In addition many members of the Committee were able to attend at least some of the sessions.

The Committee discussed early reminder notices. These would serve to remind borrowers that they had material due within a very short time. The concept was strongly endorsed by the Committee. More work still needs to be done before it will be known whether we will be able to send out this kind of notice.

Two new libraries started using the DRA system this year, the Architecture library and Sidney Liswood library at Mount Sinai Hospital. The Mathematics library will be starting to circulate using DRA this year.


Renata Holder
Chair, Circulation Services Committee

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