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Minutes, Thursday December 10, 1999
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: E. Aer, A. Cheng, S. Cozzi, M. Cummins, D. D'Agostino, J. Desjardins, E. Fillion, G. Garlock, G. Grof, R. Healey, C. Jaffray, J. Leishman, K. Martyn, A. Masters, C. Moore, M. Press, I. Prociuk, J. Raic, M. Rosenstock, J. Snow, A. Thierry-Broad, K. Turko, A. U., K. Weaver
Regrets: G. Bravo, V. Chase, P. Clinton, S. Crotty, B. Edwards, R. Gocht, R. Goettler, S. Hawrychuk, S. Newman, E. Schlauch, S. Stone, W. Sydorenko, U. Ulanday, I. Wagle
Guests: S. Brown, E. Aer, S. Cozzi, L. Langford
Next Meeting Wednesday January 27, 1999
2nd floor Conference Room
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Robarts Library



  1. Minutes of the meeting held December 10, 1998

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report [C. Moore]

  4. Cataloguing & Authorities Users' Group
    report on cataloguing electronic materials [Shelly Hawrychuk]

  5. Reference Services Committee
    motion (cataloguing electronic resources) [Marian Press]

  6. Annual Reports:
    a) Theses Committee [Karen Turko]
    b) Staff Development Committee [A. Thierry-Broad]

  7. UTLive Information [Peter Clinton]

  8. Reference Services Committee
    motion ( Electronic Reference Services) [Marian Press]

  9. Other Business

1. Minutes of the meeting of November 4th, 1998:
Accepted with no corrections.

2. Business arising
Albert Masters commented on the fact he has been looking at the website that DRA has on TAOS . The url is http:\\ He commented that he can see the positive aspects of it. M. Lee indicated that P. Clinton has agreed to give an update and answer any questions anyone might have at each Library Council meeting. It was pointed out that S. Cozzi is coordinating the transition teams. Discussion followed regarding selection of and the concern about the number of different teams and the danger of potential overlapping. S. Cozzi responded by saying the she understands that concern and is presently soliciting volunteers for the teams. Ideally she hopes to limit them to 10 persons and have all the teams ready to meet by late December or early January 1999. The question of training was raised. S. Cozzi responded that it was still difficult to say at this point how much training will be involved because TAOS is not a brand new system but only a new interface. In addition, staff are already familiar with Windows and DRA.

3. Chief Librarian's report
C. Moore gave an update regarding where the University is in the academic planning process. She pointed out that the Planning for 2000 document has been reprinted and is still in force. The new plan we are asked to consider "Raising our Sights" is currently in consultation draft and is available to everyone on the Web. The url is: The document is expected to be passed by the Academic Board in January and then sent to the Divisions for implementation. C. Moore outlined the 3 main points: a) building the faculty in preparation for the 21st century; b) enhancing the educational experience and c)strengthening our academic programs. Carole also mentioned that the President has announced that he will not seek another term. A search committee will be formed during the next year. Lastly, Carole confirmed that the United Steelworkers of America has now officially formed a union on campus (from what was formerly UTSA). There was a brief discussion regarding the opening of Robarts during the Christmas break. It was agreed that visitor monitoring was necessary in order to assess the practicality of keeping the Library open during this time.

4. Motion on Brittle Books (tabled at last meeting)
M. Lee explained the background regarding this item and why the motion was still to be voted on. The discussion centred on the value of having a standing committee to deal with Preservation issues (already passed by Library Council) compared to establishing a working group comprised of librarians from Preservation and Collection Development meeting only as needed. Karen Turko addressed the issue. She explained that the idea of a standing committee grew because of people's concern about how brittle books are being treated. She acknowledges the view that perhaps a Standing Committee is not necessary if we have a working group in place. E. Fillion commented that the Working group would meet at least once per year. A vote was held and the motion passed.

5. Great Library Service
Follow up report and discussion. J. Snow gave an update. She summarized that after a series of meetings a document called Statement of Service Values was created. There have been good discussions with Senior Staff. It is now being forwarded to Library Council. She outlined the process that she would like to take place. Discussions should be held in the individual departments regarding the document. There would be a working group that would monitor the progress and report to Senior Staff. A timeline will be set to ascertain that progress is made. Discussion followed regarding implementation of the document and also regarding the question of how standards apply to the statement. J. Snow will report back toward the end of February after departments have had a chance to meet.

6. Question
QThe overlapping display of "Order received" and item records in DRA Classic continues to be a source of confusion to users. Will TAOS be an integrated system in which this problem has been eliminated?

Susan Cozzi responded on behalf of Peter Clinton. She explained that she had checked with the DRA help desk to see if the display could be corrected but did not get an encouraging answer. It will apparently still be a problem in TAOS. She is expecting a report from DRA and will update Library council when she has received it.

7. Annual Reports
a) Committee on Signage. Gayle Garlock reviewed some of the points of the Report. He noted that the terms of reference are being reviewed and updated. There is a plan to create a directory that will include both a print and automated one. Signage development will continue to be monitored and the Committee will meet as necessary. The Report was accepted.

b) Publications Steering Committee. Carolyn Murray commented on the various aspects of the report. She reported that it has become necessary to change our approach to producing printed library brochures. A subcommittee was formed to address this and it has been decided that in the future a template (using MS WORD) will be developed with one standard cover design for all library publications produced in the library. This will contribute to standardization for all publications. Discussion followed and one of the points raised was that it was important to broadcast to the University community that all information contained in the brochures is available on the Web. The Report was accepted.

8. Other Business

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