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December 11, 1997
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: Liz Avison (Guest), Graham Bradshaw (Guest), Sharon Brown, Alfred Cheng, Jane Clark, Peter Clinton, Evelyn Collins, Dan D'Agostino, Barbara Edwards, Elinor Fillion, Gayle Garlcok, Elaine Granatstein, Gabriele Grof, Shelley Hawrychuk, Robin Healey, Carol Jaffray, Lari Langford, Maureen Lee (Chair), Joan Leishman, Norma Lewis, Albert Masters, Lachlan McNair, Marla Miller, Carole Moore, Carolyn Murray, Sylvia Newman, Ihor Prociuk, Ann Rae, Michael Rosenstock, Solange Silverberg (Guest), Karen Turko, Anna U, Iqbal Wagle
Absent/Regrets: Gabriela Bravo, Stephen Crotty, Valerie Downs, Renata Gocht, Eveline Houtman, Margery Pearson, Joseph Raic, Edward Schlauch, Judy Snow, Susan Stone, Wasyl Sydorenko, Adrienne Thierry-Broad, Lagrimas Ulanday
Next Meeting Wednesday, January 21st, 1998
10:00 - 12:00 p.m
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library


  1. Minutes of the meeting of October 29, 1997

  2. Matters arising

  3. Chief Librarian's report

  4. Task Force on Personal Safety and Security - Sub-committee on Committees - proposal - E. Fillion

  5. Sigmund Samuel collection transfer to Robarts - update - L. Langford

  6. Task Force on Materials Processing - Implementation update - E. Schlauch

  7. Other business

Minutes of October 29th meeting:
Minutes were accepted as prepared.
Business arising from the minutes:
A question arose from page two, second paragraph of the minutes - it was asked that clarification be given on the "Web of Science". The response was that it is a combination of citation indexes. It was also reported that listservs are already available in the Information Commons; it was suggested that the Library can use these listservs without having to create new ones. A second question from Section 8 - it was asked what was meant by "The backlog from the 6th floor clean-up has shifted from the 6th floor to the 7th floor." The response was that the Shastri collections were moved to the 7th floor and 10,000 volumes were shifted in total.
Chief Librarian's report:
Carole Moore gave a report from the Library Advisory Committee meeting held on December 8. At the meeting, it was reported that the terms of reference had been renewed and that the committee appointment process has been shifted to allow the Provost to appoint committee members, in order to be able to complete the process earlier. The Provost attended the meeting on December 8th and gave the Library reason for optimism with regard to funding; Carole added that the Provost appreciates the needs of the Library and understands all the issues of the Library. It is hoped that the Library will receive some added funding.
Sub-committee on Committees:
a) Serials Users group: This was distributed at the meeting. Elinor gave her report on this group and indicated how it was modeled. After some discussion changes were made to the membership. The revised version was approved.

b) EIRC-membership change: Elinor reported that the committee has accepted the recommendation requested that more selectors serve on the committee; it was decided that there would now be two selectors- one from the Sciences and one from Humanities & Social Sciences.

c) The committee will be reviewing the length of terms for members of Users Committees. As well, the committee will ensure that OISE is represented.

Task Force to Review Collection Development in the Sciences:
Joan Leishman presented the report and gave an update on the status of recommendations. The handout included the 1st 6 pages of the full report and the full report was made available to anyone who wanted it. It was also noted that the report has been reviewed by the Chief Librarian.

Questions/Comments arising from the report: It was asked if there are any examples of new programs. It was reported that the Engineering Library has had one new program in Mineral Engineering. Joan commented on the recommendations and reported that changes are being discussed with regard to recommendation #7-Budget Allocations. She also added that recommendations 11-17 are very important to the sciences but that #11 is not only related to the sciences. It was suggested that it would be useful to consult with Scarborough and Erindale College selectors re: recommendation #9. It was felt that recommendation #13-Maintaining Print Copies of Electronic Resources was a major concern because of the new copyright agreement. It was reported that a lot of material cannot be sent out through InterLibrary Loan as a result of this agreement and it was stressed that in the future, the Cancopy agreement could be changed.

Chair asked Joan if she would be the executor of this report and was asked how she sees it being brought to the Humanities and Social Sciences. Joan reported that she will make sure to follow up on the recommendation and that a group be set up. M. Rosenstock reported that he would also see that there is a follow through. It was reported that this would be on the agenda for the fall.

Proposal from the Joint Health & Safety Committee
to establish a task force to study. Dan D'Agostino presented his proposal and indicated that threatening incidents are increasing. Motion to strike a task force was made and was carried.
Annual reports
a) Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group: Shelley highlighted a few issues from the report that was distributed at the meeting. She stressed that the clean up of the database has been a big concern. They are trying to eliminate duplication in the database. Concerns have been raised on the high number of cataloguing errors. There are approximately 7,000 electronic resources to be reviewed; she hopes that special funding for projects will help. There were concerns expressed regarding the cataloguing of electronic resources. The Chair then asked Sharon Brown when her committee would come back to Library Council to report on this. The committee hopes to report in February or March.

b) Committee on Signage: Gayle Garlock made a few comments on the report that was distributed at the meeting. It was reported that the Terms of Reference would be reviewed at the next meeting.

Questions/Comments arising form the annual report on signage: It was asked what the status of signage is for Phase I of the Information Commons. It was reported that expenses for Phase I were higher than anticipated and the budget line for signage had to be dropped. Hopefully, there will be better budgeting available for Phase 2, so that Phase 1 signage can be implemented. It was reported that the 4th floor has 9-10 pages of proposed signage changes in preparation. Response was that the committee welcomes the proposal and will work with the 4th floor to identify funding sources.

c) Publications Steering Committee: Carolyn Murray reviewed the report, which was distributed at the meeting.

Questions/Comments arising from the annual report: It was felt that an another position is needed in the Design Office to mount brochures etc. It was suggested that the skills needed be learned by other staff in order to be able to meet this demand. It was suggested that courses on how to do this be brought forward to the Staff Development Committee. It was also suggested that Kiosks could be made available with electronic brochures thus eliminating the need for paper copies. It was reported that at Scarborough and Erindale, brochures are on the Web, but that there is still a big demand for paper copies. It was suggested that laminated copies could also be made available. It was felt by some that the Web was a great idea and that the technology is also available to create an HTML document. It was decided that the offering of HTML courses etc. would be brought forward to the Staff Development Committee. The staff in Information Commons should assist in the training.

It was suggested that the above matters be brought forward to the committee and that they be included in their terms of reference, it was suggested that a member of ITS serve on this committee also.

Question Period:
Iqbal Wagle asked the following question: "What is the Library's Preservation program, apart from the activities related to the needs of our Japanese customer? Are we, for instance, addressing the need to preserve the brittle materials in our collections? How can library staff and users access titles digitized here?" Iqbal reported her reason for asking this question and indicated that a Faculty member had approached her to request an item which couldn't be found after having been digitized. K. Turko responded to the question by reporting the following: The preservation department handles approximately 40,000 items a year. There were a number of emergencies to be dealt with in the last year including the updating of the disaster manual. Scanning has taken place for Maruzen from Japan; 4,000 - 4,500 titles have been completed in the last two years. Donation has been received from the Mellon Foundation ($500,000 US) which will include scanning of 5,000 titles. A position has been posted which is being provided by the Mellon grant. A sample reproduction of a scanned damaged book was circulated to the committee membership. It was asked if there is a procedure in place to handle brittle material. Response was that it can be sent into the scanning stream but that it may not be dealt with immediately as there is work with special projects that is taking up a lot of time. It was stressed that the Preservation department needs more staff and more equipment so those books can be digitized faster.

Peter Clinton added that they are working with IBM and other Science service software companies. Materials will be available, but the Library is not at that stage yet.

A suggestion was made that it would be helpful to be kept informed about the status of scanning brittle books. The Head of Preservation suggested that she attend departmental meetings so that everyone's questions can be answered.

Other business: None

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

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