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So Near and Yet So Far: Reaching out to the Patron at a Distance

Report of the Task Force on Services at a Distance submitted to University of Toronto Library Council, March 2000

Appendix A: Terms of Reference

  1. To consult widely, reviewing and evaluating existing information and reference services and delivery offered at a distance by University of Toronto libraries.

  2. To gather information concerning users' present and projected needs for services at a distance and prioritize them.

  3. To review and evaluate data from the UTLive pilot project.

  4. In light of the priorities from #2 and the outcome of #3, to consider related issues, including:
          Level and number of staff required
          Hours of service
          Training needs

  5. To report to Library Council at the September 1999 meeting recommending policies and practices related to reference and information services offered at a distance.

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