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So Near and Yet So Far: Reaching out to the Patron at a Distance

Report of the Task Force on Services at a Distance submitted to University of Toronto Library Council, March 2000

Summary of Recommendations

The Task Force on Services at a Distance recommends that the University of Toronto Libraries:

  1. Adopt a policy of support for users at a distance as part of the mandate for all Library departments.
  2. Provide support in the form of reference services, delivery of materials, and technical assistance.
  3. Promote awareness and implementation of new relevant technologies.
  4. Support distance education as it develops at the University of Toronto.
  5. Develop internal and external partnerships as a means of increasing library support for services at a distance.
  6. Investigate new staffing models for an expanded service.
  7. Establish a Committee on Services at a Distance as a standing committee reporting to Library Council.
  8. Establish the position of Coordinator of Services at a Distance.
  9. Seek funding for the implementation and support of the services.

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