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Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday February 20, 2001, 2nd floor conference room, Robarts Library.
Present: S. Brown, J. Clark, E. Fillion (Chair), E. Granatstein, G. Grof, R. Healey, E. Houtman, C. Jaffray, J. Lynes, A. Masters, L. McNair, J. Mendelsohn, C. Moore, M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch, J. Snow, S. Stone, A. Thierry-Broad, A. U., S. Cozzi, A. Santeramo (Recording Secretary)
Regrets: G. Bradshaw, G. Bravo, V. Chase, A. Cheng. S. Clapp, P. Clinton, M. Cummins, A. Dondertman, V. Downs, G. Garlock, S. Hawrychuk, R. Holder , J. Leishman, L. McArthur, P. Meindl, J. Raic, M. Roddy, C. Socknat, K. Turko, S. Walker
Guests: B. Horne, L. Ferstman, L. Langford, J. Links


  1. Minutes of the meeting of January 23, 2001: Minutes were approved with one correction: change number 8, under questions arising, "all libraries in Ontario" to read "all university libraries in Ontario".

  2. Business arising from the minutes: In regard to considering alternatives to DRA, will the names of vendors selected to receive Requests for Information be announced? Since the steering committee had not met, the question could not be answered.

  3. Chief Librarian's report:
    The Chief Librarian said that planning reports cover many of the projects currently underway (e.g. space planning and construction). She announced that Ron Ventor has been appointed Vice-Provost, Space and Facilities Planning, an area which will become increasingly demanding with all of the projects now underway or being planned.

    The Pratt Library at Victoria is expected to re-open ahead of schedule.

    The retirements of Bob White, Chief Financial Officer and Michael Finlayson, Vice-President Administration and Human Resources, will occasion administrative changes. Carole announced that she will serve on the search committee for a new Vice-President, Human Resources and asked that any suggestions concerning the position be forwarded to her.

    There is still no budget news to report. Fund-raising remains an extremely important activity.

    Questions arising: Did any recommendations arise for the Library out of the Task Force on Academic Computing and New Media? The provost's response is on the Web at He mentions the library and that he will be funding some additional support for faculty who are integrating computing into their teaching. This will involve the Centre for Academic Technology, which will become the Resource Centre for Academic Technology (RCAT). A modest allocation will be made for staff. The demand for course support will increase as more faculty use academic technology in their teaching.

  4. Annual Report of the Resource Sharing Services Committee:
    The report was reviewed by Council. In number 8, the term "direct borrowers" was defined to mean graduate students and faculty members from other Ontario universities. Susan Stone moved acceptance of the report, seconded by Gabriele Grof; all voted in favour.

  5. Update on the Instruction in Library Use Committee's Student Outreach pilot project:
    Len Ferstman will provide an update at a later meeting. He announced that the ILU committee plans to hold a workshop on information literacy in November.

  6. Question period: May we have an update on Short Term Loan, the Audiovisual Library, and other space-related plans?
    Bonnie Horne provided a PowerPoint presentation on the renewal and expansion plans for the Gerstein Science Information Centre. Phase I, which included the entrance, computer station and circulation desk upgrades, has been completed. Phase II, the current project, includes expansion of student space, which will be completed in 2002, and improvement of staff work areas, which will result in much better work flow. Renderings of external and internal views were shown. A.J. Diamond, Donald and Schmidt are the architects and have done a wonderful job.

    Future renewal and expansion plans include heritage restoration, an elevator in the journal stacks, and north building renovations. Funding for these improvements is stil being sought.

    Robarts' Space Plans
    Judy Snow reviewed the plans for the 3rd floor, providing floor plans. Humanities and Social Sciences Short Term Loan collections and the Audiovisual Library will move from Gerstein to the 3rd floor of Robarts. Short Term Loan will move into what is now Information Technology Services, and Audio Visual Library will move into what is now the computer room, and share a service desk with Microtext. Microtext will undergo some shifting and will be made more visible by the replacement of the solid doors and part of the wall with glass. Judy stressed the significance of the domino principle in accomplishing the planned moves by September. Information Technology Services' move to the 7th floor is the first critical step. Judy reported that the fire department has approved all the plans.

    The Short Term Loan collection and the Audiovisual reference area have to be moved from Gerstein before the third floor area will be available. Both units will be housed in the blue apex on the ninth floor of the stacks from mid-May until August. The Audiovisual Library's collection will remain at Gerstein until August. Judy expressed appreciation for the cooperation and valuable contributions of staff in the affected areas.

    Lari Langford added that Short Term Loan will be a self-serve operation, accessible all hours the building is open. Material will have to be charged out to be removed from the blue apex.

    Shauna Dorskind said the Audio Visual Library will have fewer viewing rooms in its new location, but the meeting room in the Information Commons, on the 1st floor, can be used as well.

    The staff elevators in the Robarts building will be upgraded. As of February 28th, 2001 only one staff elevator will be available for about sixteen weeks. Lari Langford said Access and Information staff will use P5 for moving book trucks back and forth. As well, it will be suggested that the caretaking staff working in the stack areas use P5. Bonnie Horne said Gerstein is also seeking additional funding for their elevators.

    Questions arising:
    Will the empty shaft in Robarts be used for a new staff elevator? Carole said that the idea has been considered, but is extremely expensive and labour intensive. The possibility remains and it may be reconsidered, but only after all the current renovations are completed. On a lighter note, she reported that Otis has announced that the public elevators in Robarts are the most heavily used elevators in Toronto.

  7. Other business: None

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

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