Minutes of Library Council February 12, 2003


  1. Minutes of the Meeting of January 15th, 2003

  2. Business Arising

  3. Report of the Chief Librarian - Carole Moore

  4. Green Papers - Carole Moore

  5. ITS Update - Peter Clinton

  6. Staff Development Committee Annual Report - Adrienne Thierry-Broad

  7. Resource Sharing Services Committee Annual Report - Susan Stone

  8. Other business


Minutes of the meeting of Wednesday, February 12, 2003, 2nd floor conference room, Robarts Library.

Present: Clinton, P., Cozzi, S. (Chair), DeDiego, I., Granatstein, E., Grof, G., Langford, L., Masters, A., McLeod, D., McNair, L., Moore, C., Newman, J., Ruscillo, M., Snow, J., Walker, S., Santeramo, A. (Recording Secretary)

Regrets: Chase, V., Cheng, A., Clark, J., Cummins, M., Devakos, R., Dondertman, A., Dorskind, S., Downs, V., Fleming, D., Hawrychuk, S., Healey, R., Holder, R., Jaffray, C., McArthur, L., Meindl, P., Murray, C., Newman, S., Prociuk, I., Sardone, F., Schlauch, E., Socknat, C., Stone, S., Thierry-Broad, A., U, A.

Guests: Bravo, G., Marrow, D.

  1. Minutes of the meeting of January 15, 2003: The minutes were approved with one change: on page 5, third paragraph from the bottom of the page, first line, change "never" to "ever".

  2. Business arising: None.

  3. Report of the Chief Librarian:

    Superbuild Project
    The University Administration has submitted the Superbuild applications for projects requiring government funding. The submission includes the Library at the U of T at Mississauga. It was noted that more classroom space is among the top criteria and creating a new library at Mississauga will create more classroom space. The submission includes as well funds for additional classroom space at UTSC. Projects that are self- funded, such as student residences, are going ahead.

    Federal Budget
    Information is expected from the government next week. It is hoped that infrastructure funding will be approved to go towards research, and therefore, provide support to the Library. The University has asked for 40% of the infrastructure funding required. This amount is what the American and UK universities receive. Currently Canadian universities receive 20% or one-time only (OTO) funds. The Chief Librarian added that the University continues to work with the Province in order to obtain funding to cover inflation. That includes salary increases that have been awarded but are not yet funded. Endowment and pension funds have had surpluses for some years but these are now gone due to investment losses. There are serious concerns with the budget for next year.

    The Academic Resource Centre (ARC) Project at UTSC
    The Academic Resource Centre (ARC) is now under construction. A report on this new Centre could be provided at a future Library Council meeting.

    Questions/Comments arising:
    Question: when will the results of the Superbuild applications be known?
    Answer: the results may be available as soon as March.

  4. Green Papers:
    The Chief Librarian remarked that the Provost has completed all of the Town Hall meetings except for one that will be held this coming Friday. The Library's Green Paper response is underway and the submission date is February 14th. Contributions received to date have included great ideas and have been very interesting. The final Green Paper document will be circulated via e-mail to everyone. A second round of ideas will be welcomed at a later point.

    The Chief Librarian invited Judy Snow to report on the Faculty of Arts & Science response to the Green Papers. Judy has been representing the Library at the meetings to formulate this response. The following priorities have been highlighted:
    Protecting the quality of undergraduate and graduate education
    Effective faculty recruitment and retention
    Expanding and training administrative staff
    Enabling research

    Judy added that it was extremely helpful to have Library participation in these meetings. Arts & Science is very supportive of the Library, our collections, and the study space that their students use. These are seen as key aspects of the educational experience. She added that Arts & Science plans to highlight the Library as a priority in their Green Papers document. It is hoped that we can link with others to build our case.

    Student Section
    The Chief Librarian remarked that it is important to replace and renew the staff with very high quality individuals. Students have also mentioned the important need across campus for study space and instruction outside the classroom, e.g., literacy and searching skills.

    Faculty and Staff Section
    The need to relate services to the priorities of faculty will be mentioned as well as the importance of academic freedom. The Chief Librarian noted that statistical data collected on a range of electronic offerings indicated that Library support across all subject disciplines was pretty much balanced.

    Space Section
    Off-site storage will be mentioned.

    The Chief Librarian reported that all of the above points would be included in the final Library's Green Papers report.

    Questions/Comments arising:
    Question: it was asked if the departmental libraries, campus libraries, etc., are in discussion about the Green Papers. Answer: there has been a great deal of discussion on the Green Papers in various arenas as well as at the last COCL meeting. Many suggestions being received are similar in nature.

  5. ITS Update:

    SIRSI Migration
    Peter Clinton provided a PowerPoint presentation on the Final Chapter of the Migration to SIRSI. He noted that a tremendous amount has been accomplished, with many functions of the SIRSI system being implemented on schedule in August 2002, such as the Public Access Catalogue, Circulation, and Cataloguing. The Acquisitions function was operational in October 2002. The final Serials migration has been accomplished and staff will begin serials control work on February 13th, 2003.

    The Next Steps
    Peter informed Council that there will be regular synchronization of the TEST and PROD (production) databases. Unicorn 2002 will then be loaded, initially onto the TEST database for review and training purposes. Individual staff accounts will be created. Many other enhancements and improvements in the various functions will be released by SIRSI. There will also be integration with other systems such as ROSI, UTORAuth (authentication service), and check-in and claiming of e-journals on the scholarsportal (ScienceServer) system.

    Peter stressed that the success of the implementation must be attributed to the outstanding efforts made by members of the implementation teams and to the enthusiastic participation of other staff.

    Questions/Comments arising:
    Question: will users need to authenticate themselves when using the computers in our Library? Answer: Peter responded that we would not need to do this.

    Question: why do we need to load Unicorn 2002 if Unicorn 2003 is almost ready?
    Answer: it is safer to make the 2002 transition first and then go to 2003. Peter added that SIRSI will be working on a true Windows client as a replacement for Workflows; it will provide the ability to handle Unicode characters.

    Question: why it is that there are call numbers on the system that seem not to have been fixed during the call number reformatting project?
    Answer: Peter responded that ITS has just become aware of this and will be investigating to see if a pattern can be identified, but added that there is no sense of this being a large problem. It was recommended that any information or assistance in identifying this problem should be brought forward to Susan Cozzi, Information Technology Services.

    Question: is "SIRSI Rooms" being considered as a replacement for "SIRSI OPAC" or is it that they are separate products?
    Answer: SIRSI Rooms is a tool kit to let libraries build various subject-based portals and it is not intended as a replacement for the OPAC. Some discussion with regard to the OPAC ensued.

    Question: do the Old Class call numbers needed to be reformatted? Answer: it was decided that only the Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal call numbers would be changed.

  6. Staff Development Committee Annual Report: Lari Langford presented the Annual Report on behalf of Adrienne Thierry-Broad. It was suggested that the "Administrative Staff" staff category be changed to read "Non-union" in order to be consistent with Library Council procedures.

    The motion to accept the Annual Report was moved by Stephanie Walker, seconded by Alfred Cheng; all voted in favour of acceptance of the Staff Development Committee Annual Report.

  7. Resource Sharing Services Committee Annual Report: It was announced that Susan Stone is the new Chair. As Susan was unable to attend, Elaine Granatstein was available to answer questions. Council members reviewed the report.

    Question: Members were directed to item number 4 in this report. What were the concerns with the UTL Van Delivery Service?
    Answer: It was suggested that this issue be included on a future meeting agenda and noted that the major concern was the time required for the delivery of items.

    Under item number 1, second paragraph, it was noted that the phrase "to develop a document delivery system" should read "to implement the VDX system" instead. This will be conveyed to Susan Stone for correction.

    Acceptance of the Annual Report was moved by Elaine Granatstein, seconded by Don McLeod. All voted in favour of acceptance of the Annual Report with the one correction noted above.

  8. Other business:

    ILU Event
    Jeff Newman reported that the ILU Committee recently held an event called "Research Papers from Start to Finish". It was well attended by approximately 160 people over the period of a week. Comments indicated that the event had been well received. The ILU Committee is exploring opportunities for another session sometime at the end of September.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

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