Agenda and Minutes of Library Council February 27, 2002


  1. Minutes of the January 30th, 2002 meeting

  2. Business Arising

  3. Report of the Acting Chief Librarian - J. Snow

  4. SIRSI Implementation Update - P. Clinton

  5. Resource Sharing Services Committee Annual Report (for approval) - P. King

  6. Theses Committee Annual Report (for approval) - K. Turko

  7. Other business


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, February 27th at 2:30 p.m. in the 2nd Floor Conference Room, Robarts Library.

Present: G. Bravo, S. Brown, V. Chase, P. Clinton, S. Cozzi (Chair), I. De Diego, R. Devakos, B. Disonglo, D. Fleming, E. Granatstein, G. Grof, R. Healey, P. King, J. Leishman, A. Masters, D. McLeod, L. McNair, I. Prociuk , A.M. Romano (Recording secretary), M. Ruscillo, E. Schlauch, S. Stone, A. U.

Regrets: A. Cheng, S. Crotty, M. Cummins, A. Dondertman, V. Downs, G. Garlock, S. Hawrychuk, R. Holder, E. Houtman, C. Jaffray, S. Langlands, L. McArthur, P. Meindl, C. Moore, C. Murray, J. Newman, F. Sardone, J. Snow, A. Thierry-Broad, S. Walker

  1. Minutes of January 30, 2002: Accepted as written.

  2. Business arising: None.

  3. Report of the Acting Chief Librarian: Joan Leishman reported for Judy Snow. Joan reported that the university budget for 2002/3 and 2003/4 is proceeding through the last stages of approval. Budget cuts are expected and as soon as they are confirmed more will be communicated about the budget planning process. Joan provided an update on various matters. The Office of the Director of Teaching Advancement will soon be located on the 4th floor and planning is also proceeding to accommodate the Testing Centre for Accessibility Services for Students. These are in the Robarts Library. Renovations are proceeding at the Gerstein Library and in late May the main staircase will be demolished and a new expanded elevator installed. New stairs will be part of the addition. It was pointed out that during the various stages there may be limited access to certain areas. The addition is expected to be open by September and an official opening is tentatively scheduled for late October 2002.

  4. SIRSI Implementation Update: Peter Clinton spoke in detail (using a Power Point presentation) on the following areas of the implementation process: System policies, data loading, software installation and planning. He also presented the Council with a preliminary training schedule. During the question period he confirmed that all of the dumb terminals presently located throughout several areas will be eliminated. Also, VDX will not be replaced but rather exist side by side with the new system.

  5. Resource Sharing Services Committee Annual Report (for approval): Pam King reviewed her Report for the Council. She briefly touched upon the VDX Pilot Project Team and other key issues that arose throughout the year. Pam moved to accept the Report and this was seconded by Edward Schlauch. All members voted in favour of acceptance.

    It was requested that the Council receive a current list of members before the Report is placed on the Website.

  6. Theses Committee Annual Report (for approval). Karen Turko reviewed her Report. Discussion followed regarding the advisability of fully cataloguing theses. She explained that this matter had been raised by Elizabeth Black, the Campus Database Co-ordinator, who is now presently in the process of doing a costing analysis. Once those figures are available it might well be decided that it isn't cost effective or necessary since theses are already available now via keyword searching even though they are not fully catalogued. Karen moved to accept the Report and this was seconded by Rea Devakos. The Report was accepted by the Council members.

  7. Other business: None.

The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

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