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Library Council
University of Toronto Central Library System

Annual Report of the Instruction in Library Use Committee for the period August 2003 - August 2004
Submitted by Jeff Newman & Cris Sewerin, ILU Co-Chairs, September 22, 2004

The Instruction in Library Use Committee is a Standing Committee of Library Council, with members appointed by department heads to serve one-year terms with the possibility of reappointment. Membership includes staff from Central and campus libraries with direct responsibilities for library instruction. Membership this past year included:


Current Members
Jeff Newman, Co-Chair (Robarts Reference - ex-officio)
Cris Sewerin, Co-Chair(Engineering & Computer Science)
Alison Girling (Summer 2004 to the present) (Victoria College)
Carla Hagstrom(Gerstein)
Sara McDowell (Robarts Reference)
Suzanne Meyers Sawa (Music)
Marion Press (Summer 2004 to the present) (OISE)
Mary Roddy (Robarts Reference - ex-officio)
Fran Sardone (UTSC)
June Seel (UTM)
Nalini Singh (FISINFORUM)
Christina Tooulias-Santolin (Summer 2004 to the present) (Earth Sciences)

Members till summer 2004:
Margaret Fulford, Secretary (Dentistry)
Gail Nichol (Earth Sciences)
Adam Taves (Victoria College)
Shawn Bethke (St Mike's)

The committee thanks outgoing members Gail Nichol, Margaret Fulford and Adam Taves for contributing their time and expertise to the committee.


ILU Committee has continued this year to promote information literacy and cooperation among campus groups serving student research and learning needs. The committee has continued to build cooperation between staff involved in library instruction, and staff from Writing Centres, Counselling and Learning Skills Services, and Office for Teaching Advancement. As well, the committee has continued to work with Professional Development Committee to present professional development opportunities for library staff involved in instruction. The committee met on a monthly basis, with some meetings added or subtracted on occasion as event planning dictated. In Summer 2004, the committee moved to bi-monthly meetings.


Instructing Librarians : Techniques for Improving & Documenting Your Teaching
December 5, 2003 morning event
Co-presented with Professional Development Committee
Guest speakers: Professor Ken Bartlett, Director, Office of Teaching Advancement, and Professor Teresa Dawson, Director, Teaching and Learning Services, UTSC
Attendance: approximately 50 library staff

The workshop offered practical teaching tips and a methodology for developing a teaching philosophy or teaching statement. ILU Committee is indebted to Solange Silverberg and the Staff Development Committee for financial assistance provided to put together this event, and for providing publicity and online registration facilities.

Library Research Papers from Start to Finish
February 2-6, 2004
12:10 - 1pm each day
Attendance: approximately 45 students each day

Reading the Assignment and Using Background Material
Monday Feb 2; presenters: Patricia Bellamy, Jeff Newman
Locating and Evaluating Resources
Tuesday Feb 3; presenters: Jeff Newman, Gail Nichol
Taking Notes, Reading and Organizing Research
Wednesday Feb 4; presenter: Margaret Procter
Managing Ongoing Research, Planning and Drafting
Thursday Feb 5; presenters: Nellie Perret, Cris Sewerin
Acknowledging and Integrating Sources. Beyond Plagiarism - Getting Credit for your Reading
Friday Feb 6; presenter: Margaret Procter

A joint project of Instruction in Library Use Committee, Writing Centres, and Counselling and Learning Skills Services. Target groups included large enrolment first year undergraduate courses and HUM199 seminar courses, as well as higher-year Arts & Sciences undergraduates.
This is the second year that this program has been offered. Once again, feedback indicated students found this program very useful, and attendance was up slightly from the previous year. ILU Committee plans to offer this workshop series again.

Scopus & RefWorks Knowledge Sharing Sessions
July 7, 2004
presenters: Gail Nichol, Cris Sewerin
Attendance: approximately 15 librarians

This session was aimed at library staff who currently use or wish to make greater use of these products. The session offered an opportunity to share tips and learn in a friendly, informal setting. Feedback was very positive, and ILU plans to offer more sessions in the future on other products.


Reports from the ILU literature were made by Nalini Singh, Jeff Newman and Gail Nichol at committee meetings

Presentations to the committee:
How to Research Your Dentistry Essay: Margaret Fulford
CORIL (Cooperative Online Repository for Information Literacy): Marian Press
ScholarsPortal Initiatives: Alan Darnell & Hana Alston

As usual, ILU committee provided input and feedback on format of "FindIt" brochure

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