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Minutes of Library Council

January 21, 1998, 10:00 am
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: G. Bravo, A. Broad, S. Brown, A. Cheng, J. Clark, P. Clinton, M. Cummins, D. D'Agostino, V. Downs, E. Fillion, E. Granatstein, S. Hawrychuk, C. Jaffray, L. Langford, N. Lewis, K. Martyn, A. Masters, L. McNair, C. Moore, S. Newman, M. Pearson, A. Rae, J. Raic, M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch, K. Turko, A. U.
Absent/Regrets: E. Collins, S. Crotty, B. Edwards, G. Garlock, R. Gocht, G. Grof, R. Healey, E. Houtman, J. Leishman, C. Murray, J. Snow, S. Stone, W. Sydorenko, L. Ulanday, I. Wagle.
  1. Minutes of the meeting of December 11, 1997

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report

  4. Report of Sub-committee on Committees - E. Fillion
    a) Task Force on Personal Safety and Security - E. Fillion
    [for information]
    b) Task Force on Brittle Materials -
    Membership & Terms of Reference -E. Fillion [for approval]

  5. Annual reports

    a) Resource Sharing Services Committee - S. Stone
    [for approval]
    b) Electronic Information Resources Committee - S. Brown
    [for approval]

  6. Question period:

    1. Gabriele Grof - "What is the library currently doing to handle the Problem of Y2K for the Year 2000. Have any policies and procedures been put in place to proof the computer systems in the library and the e-mail situation been discussed. From what I understand, this is not a small problem and it does not just affect the catalogue. All Programs in the system must be looked at and "handled". It would be of interest to learn what we can expect in the next two years.
    [Response: Peter Clinton]

    2. Iqbal Wagle - "MARC tapes for the CIHM pre-1900 monographs were loaded some time ago, providing catalogue access to that large and important collection. MARC tapes for two other CIHM collections, (1) periodicals, directories, annuals, (2) post-1900 monographs, were received some time ago but have not been loaded. When may we expect these materials to be made accessible to users of our catalogue?
    [Response: Peter Clinton]

  7. Other business
Next meeting: March 25, 1998
Minutes of the meeting of December 11, 1997:
Minutes were accepted as prepared.
Matters Arising:
Chair addressed some matters from previous meeting: 1. Point #5 indicated that M. Rosenstock would see that there is a follow through on a recommendation regarding collection in the Humanities and Social Sciences. M. Rosenstock reported that this had been discussed at a meeting of selectors. 2. There was also an offer from the Information Commons to assist with training. A. Broad reported that on February 5, the staff development committee will attend a demonstration on a software program that is used to create a web site. A question about procedures for brittle books arose. It was reported that there is a brittle book procedure in preservation; however, there needs to be an update to the guidelines. K. Turko moved that a task force be established to review brittle book procedures. A motion to strike a task force was seconded and accepted. The Chair asked if there had been any resolution about the patron who could not get access to a brittle book after it had been digitized. Karen Turko reported that she and S. Brown tried to solve this, but that there was no information coming forward about this patron. She indicated that the item was Canadiana and that she doesn't think it was ever scanned. Karen asked that in the future, patrons should be referred directly to her. It was asked where records are kept once a book has been scanned. It was reported that they are kept on optical disks at the moment. P. Clinton added that the images will be moved to the digital library server using the IBM digital library software.
Chief Librarian's report:
Carole Moore gave an update on planning & budgeting. It was reported that before Christmas, a two-year funding announcement was made. The Provost will develop an Academic Planning Paper during the next half of the calendar year on new planning 2000-2004; it will take into consideration the Universities' current guidelines. Ongoing fundraising and applications for any grants will continue. Examples of some are: the Ethnocultural Initiatives Fund, the Information Technology Course Development Fund. George Connell has agreed to be chair of the University of Toronto Library Campaign, which will involve the Gerstein renovation, Information Commons, etc. Carole indicated that George Connell is committed to the Library and that she is very pleased he will serve as Chair.
Report of Sub-committee on Committees,
Task Force on Personal Safety and Security:

Report made by E. Fillion. After some discussion, the terms of reference and membership were accepted.

The Task Force was approved by the committee and will report by May 27.

Sigmund Samuel collection transfer to Robarts:
Lari Langford reported that they continued with the plan from the fall. In the process of doing this, an accident occurred. There was no injury to the books, patrons or staff.

Some discussion took place about reclassification of old class material. Items, which have been circulated, are routed to the Catalogue department at a rate of approximately 20 books per day.

Task Force on Materials Processing - Implementation update:
E. Schlauch gave his report by breaking it up into 3 sections as follows:

VENDOR RECORDS - Edward reported that progress is being made. There are more electronic records from various suppliers. Brockhaus will begin next Monday, and others are still coming. They are receiving approximately 10,000 items from suppliers of English materials on an annual basis and 30,000 records on an annual basis from other vendors. In the future, this could jump to 60,000.

EXPEDITED BIBLIOGRAPHIC PROCESSING UNIT - The move began in October and was completed in November. North American English language materials (with the exception of Canadian History and Literature), Latin American material, and Indic material are being handled by this unit. The next category to be considered for routing to this unit will be UK imprints. The Latin American material hit rate is 67%; the Indic material hit rate is 90%.

SERIALS IMPLEMENTATION - Edward stressed that this project has been in progress for 2 =BD years and has been coming along slowly. There are over 30,000 records in the kardex, which need to be converted into electronic form. Half of the work has been completed by Periodicals Reading Room or Serials section; 3,500 records have been created; half of these have been completed since September 1997. Other titles (e.g. annuals, monographic serials), will be evaluated to see if they should be included. A Librarian project position has been advertised to help on this project; this person will also direct the creation of electronic order records and the closing of the Serials Shelf List.

Other business:
Elinor reported that the Serials User's Group has been constituted. M. Lee will call the first meeting and an announcement will appear in the Staff Update. Other business:

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

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