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Minutes of the meeting held on January 23, 2001, 2nd floor conference room, Robarts Library.
Present: G. Bravo, S. Brown, S. Clapp, P. Clinton, S. Cozzi,V. Downs, B. Godoy, E. Granatstein, T. Guardia, S. Hawrychuk, C. Jaffray, S. Langlands, J. Leishman, J. Lynes, A. Masters, L. McArthur, L. McNair (Acting Chair), C. Moore, M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch, A. Thierry-Broad, K. Turko, A. U, S. Walker, A. Santeramo (Recording Secretary)
Regrets: G. Bradshaw, V. Chase, A. Cheng, J. Clark, M. Cummins, A. Dondertman, E. Fillion (Chair), G. Garlock, G. Grof, R. Healey, R. Holder, P. Meindl, J. Raic, M. Roddy, J. Snow, C. Socknat, S. Stone
Guests: L. Avison, J. Cox, L. Ferstman, B. Geiger, S. McGillivray, M. Press, E. Sinclair.


  1. Minutes of the meeting of November 21, 2000: Minutes were approved as written.

  2. Business arising from the minutes: None.

    Joan Leishman introduced Sue McGillvray, a new Librarian at Gerstein Library who will be working at the Health Science Informaiton Consortium Office.

  3. Committee on Personal Safety and Security:
    Bill Godoy and Teresa Guardia reviewed the proposal to dissolve this LC standing committee. When the Committee was established the Ministry of Labour did not consider library accessibility, security, etc., part of their mandate, but now these matters are handled by the labour/management Joint Health and Safety Committee. All members of the LC committee are in agreement with dissolution. (A Personal Safety Committee member noted that there are still two management members who need to be appointed by the employer, and there are two safety audit reports that need to be completed.) Communication with staff will not suffer, as minutes from the Joint Health and Safety Committee are posted widely, and a member could be asked to report at any Library Council meeting. It is intended to have this all in place by the first week of February. Teresa Guardia moved to dissolve the standing LC Committee on Personal Safety and Security. All voted in favour. Motion carried.

  4. Chief Librarian's report:
    The Chief Librarian added that the Joint Health and Safety Committee is required by law. There is no budget news at the moment, but there may be some decisions by the next meeting. The New Faculty Resource Guide has been made available through everyone's department. Anyone wishing to make any comments or suggestions should give them to Gabriela Bravo. The web staff are working on placing a web version online so that corrections can be made immediately. The guide is becoming very useful for many different purposes other than just distribution to new faculty. Extra copies are available from Gabriela Bravo. It was added that the funding was made available by a number of academic publishers and they would like this to be widely known.

  5. Composition and Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee:
    Lachlan McNair explained that the Steering Committee had never had its own terms of reference. The document (distributed to members) is a consolidation of terms from the former LC constitution and from the terms of reference of the defunct Sub-committee on Committees. The composition has been changed slightly to reflect the current makeup of Library Council. Michael Rosenstock moved approval of the Steering Committee's Composition and Terms of Reference. All voted in favour. Motion carried.

  6. Annual Report of the Staff Development Committee:
    Adrienne Thierry-Broad reviewed the report, noting that Netscape Messanger training has been very successful. Another training evaluation will be conducted. Adrienne moved acceptance of the report. All voted in favour. Motion carried.

  7. Report from the Chair, Theses Committee:
    Karen Turko provided an update. It was reported that the committee has not met recently as there have not been many problems. Staff at SGS are attempting to get the requirement changed so that theses can be submitted electronically. Two representatives from U of T have attended meetings on theses in Ottawa. Most users are very pleased with the services being received from national programmes and the services of Bell and Howell. Karen will call a meeting of the committee, which should continue to exist to deal with expected changes.

    Questions arising:
    A member asked how someone would go about finding a thesis written last year for example. Karen responded that patrons should find it listed in the general catalogue along with a location, as turnaround time has improved and there is only about a two-month time lag at the moment.

  8. Question period:
    A. "May we have an update on TAOS?": Peter Clinton reported that TAOS, announced about four years ago, is now scheduled for August 2002. There is no longer a confident feeling that the new implementation date is realistic. A Steering Committee will be formed to select approximately ten other vendors and submit requests for information early in February. The intention is that the Steering Committee will come forward with 1. a written assessment of a capsule look at what the marketplace has to offer, and 2. recommendations to himself and the Chief Librarian based on this assessment. Peter added that it may turn out that DRA still has the best offering for 2002. It was also mentioned that DRA costs would still be lower than others. Recommendations have been received for the membership of the Steering Committee but the group has not been established yet.

    Questions arising:
    How would VDX be affected by the process? Peter replied that it will have no impact in the short term but in the long term, if DRA is not used, a link will be created. VDX (Virtual Document Exchange) is a system produced by Fretwell Downing Group used by our ILL departments and all university libraries in Ontario. It was clarified that the vendors for a the local on-line library system will come in to show us what they can do and answer questions (such as those regarding CJK records). How long is the hardware for DRA expected to last? Peter indicated that it should last for a long while, and UTL is not facing huge upgrade costs or storage capacity problems.

    B. "Some time ago, OCLC records for eJournals were added to UTCat. Since then, a number of new eJournal titles have been acquired and mounted by UTL. Would it be possible for Maks Okrasa's program to load catalogue records for eJournal titles to be run again soon? Is there or could there be an established schedule to allow updating to occur regularly? Are there plans to add records for other categories of electronic resources (eReference Sources, eBooks, eJournal Indexes) to UTCat as well, and if so, when might this happen?" Joe Cox and Shelley Hawrychuk responded that 10,000 eJournal records were originally entered, some of which were OCLC records. Last July, a further 680 records were added. More deletions and additions will be made. High-quality records have been entered for the 24 X 7 texts, as well as 3,000 Early Canadiana Online records. It is hoped to improve regular two-way communication between the electronic resources list and DRA for both additions and deletions. If discrepancies are noticed they should be reported to Carla Hagstrom. Peter Clinton confirmed that in principle the program could be run every week; Maks has been giving priority to the concatenation project recently, but that should be completed shortly. The Chief Librarian added that she is delighted that concatenation has been very successful and is nearing completion. The catalogue looks wonderful.

  9. Other business:
    Anna U reported on Romanizing Chinese Records. In the summer of 2000, LC, OCLC and RLG began a project to convert from Wade-Giles to Pinyin romanization. Sine then the project has been improved with the identification and solution of many unique problems. Original cataloguing is now done in Pinyin and older records are being converted. Full details are available under Pinyin Conversion News on the East Asian Library's Web page.

Liz Avison reported on the new staff directory on the Library's home page. It has been designed as a database that can be updated directly by departments or Personnel Services. Information is still being entered and corrected; a message will be sent to all library accounts and to the staff Update asking staff to verify their records as soon as possible. The searching function has been tested and the system should be ready to go live as of February 2, 2001. Other links to the new directory will be provided, and the Guide to Libraries will also be reviewed and put into database form. Liz offered to provide orientation and searching tips. The New Staff Directory address is:

Gabriela Bravo distributed the new issue of the library newsletter, which reports on the new donation (not yet publicly announced) to the Gerstein Science Information Library.

The next meeting is February 20, 2001.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

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