Agenda and Minutes of Library Council January 30, 2002


  1. Minutes of the November 28th, 2001 Library Council meeting

  2. Business Arising

  3. Report of the Acting Chief Librarian - J. Snow

  4. SIRSI Implementation Update - P. Clinton

  5. Annual Report of the Staff Training and Development Committee (for approval) - A. Thierry-Broad

  6. Annual Report of the Publications Committee (for approval) - C. Murray

  7. Change in Meeting Date: February 20th changed to February 27th

  8. Other business


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 2:30 p.m. in the 2nd Floor Conference Room, Robarts Library

S. Brown, A. Cheng, P. Clinton, S. Cozzi (Chair), I. DeDiego, R. Devakos, D. Fleming, G. Garlock, E. Granatstein, G. Grof, R. Healey, S. Langlands, J. Leishman, A. Masters, D. McLeod, L. McNair, C. Murray, J. Newman, M. Ruscillo, A. Santeramo, J. Snow, A. Thierry-Broad, A. Santeramo (Recording Secretary)

Regrets: V. Chase, S. Crotty, M. Cummins, B. Disonglo, A. Dondertman, V. Downs, S. Hawrychuk, R. Holder, E. Houtman, C. Jaffray, L. McArthur, P. Meindl, C. Moore, F. Sardone, E. Schlauch, S. Stone, K. Turko, A. U, S. Walker

  1. Minutes of the November 28th, 2001 meeting: One change to paragraph number 4, last sentence: change "has" to read "have". Minutes were approved as amended.

  2. Business arising: From the November 28th, 2002 minutes; it was clarified that the space to become available in the new Woodsworth building would include space for cold storage of film and cinema materials only.

    Signage Committee
    The Chair reported on the proposal to denote periodical publications by the term "Journals". It was decided that more time is required on this issue. This issue was discussed at a Library Council Steering Committee meeting in detail with many good suggestions received. The Chair will consult with Gabriela Bravo to obtain more background information. A suggestion was made to distribute information via e-mail. The Chair asked for submissions to be sent to any member of the Library Council Steering Committee.

  3. Report of the Acting Chief Librarian: The biggest issue would be addressed by Peter Clinton later in this meeting.

    Since the last meeting, still awaiting information on the status of the budget. Details on the Provincial budget have not yet been received. The feeling is that some reductions can be expected.

    Director of the Office of Teaching Advancement
    The Acting Chief Librarian announced that Professor Kenneth Bartlett has been appointed to this position. He will report directly to the Provost and will work closely with the Resource Centre for Academic Technology, Education Commons and other areas of the university on all campuses. There has been a great deal of interest in providing a more formal mechanism to assist faculty with such challenges as the introduction of new technologies and the management of large classes. This will be the role of this position. His office will be located on the 4th floor of the Robarts Library beside the RCAT.

    Property at 155 College
    It was clarified that this property belonged to the Toronto Board of Education and that it has now been purchased by the University. The Dean of Architecture has spoken of its architectural worth, as there is art in this building that is very valuable. It was clarified that the Toronto Board of Education has already moved out of this building.

  4. SIRSI Implementation Update: Peter Clinton provided Council with an overview of the Library Systems Timeline and other systems that have been used in the past since 1987. The DRA Timeline was presented including the time when SIRSI purchased the DRA System.

    It was noted that implementation of SIRSI begins January 2002 in order for the new system to be running by September 2002.

    SIRSI Implementation Timeline
    February - will have software loaded on system including policy tables
    March - Data will be loaded on test system
    April - training of Information Technology Staff and trainers
    May - revision of bibliographic and authorities data policies
    June - final extract of bibliographic and authority data
    July - final revision of circulation and user data policies

    It was stressed that this is a preliminary timetable and will be subject to modifications. Enhancements the user will see and examples of other university systems were demonstrated. The staff functions of SIRSI were described. More information is available on the SIRSI web site at: SIRSI has it's own web site which is located at:

    Questions arising:

    1. Can searching be limited by department? Yes, but it may be limited by location or by other criteria. All of this will be defined later.

    2. Will the current information gateway be available during the implementation period? Response was that it would be available except for a very brief period of time near the end. All functions will be carried over during the transition.

    3. Will the TELNET version linger? No, it will not. Telnet access with SIRSI will no longer exist, but SIRSI supports z39.50 which enables users to access telnet.

    4. Will training be made available with a test site? The entire University of Toronto catalogue will be available for testing and will include all libraries. The testing phase will be available for many weeks.

    5. Will there be any equipment implications? There will be no implications. Anyone able to run Windows will have access to the SIRSI client.

    6. Peter reported that presentations would be made in the next several weeks. SIRSI implementation updates will be distributed via e-mail to all staff. The staff update will include information. The Library SIRSI web site will include the most up to date information.

    7. Annual report of the Publications Committee: Carolyn Murray reviewed her report (distributed before the meeting) with Council. The designs of brochures have been kept consistent. The designer is James Ireland and the printing is by Versatel. It was reported that a brochure may be developed (just like the New Faculty Guide) which will be used for students. The Library Conduct brochure will be distributed campus wide again this year. Carolyn moved acceptance of the report, which was seconded by Gabriele Grof. All members voted in favour of acceptance.

    8. Annual report of the Staff Development Committee: Adrienne Thierry-Broad reviewed her report with Council. She highlighted the committee's activities and added that Netscape Messenger training was the largest initiative this year. The course surveys reflected how important it is to address the needs of library staff. May sessions were very well attended. An on-line questionnaire will be launched. It was noted that extra training facilities are required. It was added that the committee takes evaluations from courses very seriously.

      How is the Blue Print for Training coming along? It was clarified that this training arises from the Great Library Services Group and not Staff Development Committee. Judy Snow, a member of Great Library Services Group responded that staff are to check off when they take courses on the inventory check list which was distributed this fall. The aim it to have this survey completed in April, 2002. All surveys will then be gathered and the results will provide this group with a picture of where the staff needs are. SIRSI implementation was unknown when the Blue Print was introduced, but SIRSI training should be included when completing the survey.

      Room training facilities are an ongoing problem for everyone. It was suggested that trainer jobs be posted instead adopting a volunteer basis.

      Much discussion ensued on the topic of trainers with the SIRSI implementation.

      Adrienne moved acceptance of the report, which was seconded by Jeff Newman. All members voted in favour of acceptance.

    9. Other business: Arising from the Publication Committee report, it was asked if the conduct regulation brochure could be changed to include the restriction of cell phone use? It was reported that John Workman and Bill Godoy are the contacts for this policy and that they need to follow the code of student conduct. It will need to be confirmed if no cell phone use in the Library applies.

      It was decided that the cell phone issue should be discussed at a future Library Council meeting as well as at various levels. The Chair confirmed that this issue would be added as an agenda item for a future Library Council meeting.

    The meeting was adjourned at 4:33 p.m.

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