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Minutes of Library Council

July 9, 1998
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: M. Cummins, D. D'Agostino, V. Downs, E. Fillion, G. Grof, R. Healey, C. Jaffray, M. Lee, K. Martyn, L. McNair, C. Moore, M. Press, J. Raic, E. Schlauch, K. Turko, A. U
Guests: B. Godoy, K. Khera
Absent/Regrets: G. Bravo, S. Brown, A. Cheng, J. Clark, B. Edwards, R. Gocht, E. Granatstein, J. Leishman, A. Masters, C. Matthews, J. Mendelsohn, C. Murray, S. Newman, I. Prociuk, A. Rae, M. Rosenstock, J. Snow, S. Stone, W. Sydorenko, A. Thierry-Broad, L. Ulanday, I. Wagle


  1. Minutes of the meeting held July 9, 1998.

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report

  4. Sub-committee on Committees - Report - E. Fillion

  5. Circulation Services Committee - Annual Report - R. Holder

  6. Plans for U. of T. Day - W. Holder, G. Bravo

  7. ALT & GALT training sessions - Report - S. Silverberg

  8. Relocations - Access & Information - L. Langford
    Information Technology Services - P. Clinton
    Materials Processing - C. Jaffray
    Business Office - A. Cheng

  9. Great Library Service Report - J. Snow

  10. Question Period: Should we give the Library a 25th anniversary present? If so, what?

  11. Other business

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 30th, 1998, 2:00 - 4:00 pm.
1. Minutes of the June 12th meeting:
Correct 2.2 of the May minutes to read CIHM. Correct number 4 to read EIRC. Number 3, insert after the word instrumental "in creation of the Robarts Library." Minutes were accepted with the above changes.
2. Business arising from the minutes:
3. Chief Librarian's report:
Carole reported that the budget recommendations for the library will give us a permanent funding to keep the library open during Christmas Holiday vacations. In an attempt to reduce the cataloguing backlog, a one-time amount has been approved to hire students. This will be organized by Carol Jaffray. . It was asked if students would look for derived records in order to give staff time to look after other priorities? Carol Jaffray's response was yes, students would be helping with this. There is some funding available for new equipment, which will allow us to replace some staff equipment and some public equipment. Carole announced that she has a proposal written by Robin Healey, with regards to moving photographic materials from Engineering which has been under discussion for years. Carole asked that if anyone had any concerns to let her know as she would like to proceed with the proposal if there are no objections. Robin added that the material is general print material on artistic photography. Robin reviewed the proposal. It was asked if it would involve any physical processing? Response was yes, transfers would be put through for all of this material. Robin will also look into some material which is still being housed in the Gerstein Library It was stressed that all technical material will remain in Engineering. A draft will be circulated to staff before proceeding.
4. Sub-committee on Committees, Safety & Security Committee - Terms of Reference
E. Fillion reported that the sub-committee sent out a draft to four members of the task force asking for feedback. The membership term being recommended is a staggered two-year term. Terms of reference were reviewed with Council and some suggestions were made. Council voted to accept the proposed membership and terms of reference for this committee. When the membership is established, it will be distributed to all library staff by electronic mail.
5. Materials Processing Implementation Team - Serials Project:
Edward reported on the serials project. The creation of check in records is making good progress. Approximately 6,000 records have been created. The Periodical Reading Room records will be completed by August. The Engineering Library will have completed their record creation by the end of July. In addition, record creation for many departmental libraries are well underway. Scarborough, OISE and Victoria have been reporting problems with the claiming of the serials module. Time was invested in May and June to correct the problem. Dual record keeping will be eliminated soon. The serials shelf list will eventually be closed. The creation of electronic order records will begin and then the updating of payments will be completed quickly. Government Publications will be dealt with at the end. Edward indicated that he would like to put together a working group of parties who are involved and interested in the project.

Questions arising from number 5. A member asked about the working group and its relation to the serials users group. Edward clarified that it will be a working group that will have some relation to the Serials Users Group, but that it will focus on the Central Library System. The Serials Users Group has been already already informed about this project group.

6. Other Business:
Lachlan mentioned that the Library Council guidelines state that members are to be replaced. Lachlan reported that in September he would seek nominations for a librarian to replace Margery Pearson on LC. He noted that there are at present vacancies for two librarians and two union members. The Council agreed with Lachlan that these vacancies could be advertised in September.
Next meeting: May 27, 1998 at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

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