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Minutes, Wednesday June 27, 1996
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: J. Clark, S. Crotty, E. Fillion, E. Granatstein, R. Healey, G. Heaton, W. Holder (guest), B. Horne, K. Khera, L. Langford (guest), M. Lee, J. Leishman, K. McMorrow, L. McNair, A. Masters, J. Matthews, C. Moore, V. Mueller, B. Oziewicz, M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch, D. Simos, S. Stone, W.Sydorenko, A. U (guest), L. Ulanday, P. Uppal, I. Wagle, K. Weaver (guest), G. Wells, J. Winearls (guest), P. Yamamoto.

Absent: E. Aer, M. George, G. Grof, R. Landon, J. Snow
Next Meeting Wednesday October 23
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

  1. Minutes of the meeting of May 30, 1996

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report

  4. Acquisitions Users' Group (Subcommittee on Committees) [Approval]

  5. Staff Development Committee Annual Report (A. Thierry-Broad) [Approval]

  6. Committee on Bibliographic Access report on Cataloguing Priorities (L. Langford) [Discussion]

  7. Materials Processing Implementation Team: Draft final report (E. Schlauch) [Discussion]

  8. Science Information Services update report (Joan Leishman) [Information]

  9. Elsevier Project (E. Granatstein) [Information]

  10. Question period:
    "How did the Gerstein Science Information Centre get the name?" (Response: J. Leishman)

  11. Other business


1. Minutes of the meeting held 30 May 1996
The minutes were accepted with one correction: K. McMorrow was absent.

2. Business arising

3. Chief Librarian's Report
C. Moore reported that the deadline for application for the enhanced voluntary retirement and exit packages has been extended to July 2, 1996. The eligibility for the retirement program has been reduced from 80 points to 75 points.
4. Building plan
C. Moore said that plans for the various moves within Robarts, which have been in the works since January, are now coming to fruition. The Reference and Resource Sharing departments are now together on the 4th floor. The Government Publications staff are working on the 4th floor until they move to their enlarged area on the 5th floor. The map cabinets move has been delayed 10 days. The demolition on the 1st floor will start the second week of July. The work will not be completed for the beginning of the academic year in September. The Library will make sure workstations providing access to UTLink will be available. The I.C. office and lab area will be completed towards the end of October. The furnishings are currently being tested, and a lot of feedback is being received from staff and users. The teaching lab and electronic classrooms on the 4th floor are expected to be ready for September. She thanked the staff on the 7th floor for accommodating the I.C. staff who will be located on the 4th floor when work is completed.

5. Committee on Bibliographic Access Annual Report
L. Langford presented the report. She pointed out that the major task ahead for the Committee is to advise the Materials Processing Team on cataloguing priorities. Bibliographic access acts as interface between cataloguers and users. The report was accepted.

6. Science Information Services
J. Leishman presented the report of SCISIT, Science Information Services - Future Direction; Phase II Recommendations - June 1996. Prior to the writing of the report, the Team met with staff in the Sig.Sam/Sci.Med complex and obtained a great deal of feedback which she passed on to the Chief Librarian. She has also received comments from librarians from departmental science libraries. Comments were made as to the desirability of dealing with the humanities collection in one single move. J. Leishman said that there are building constraints whose solution would require a lot of money, and that one shift would be ideal, but very hard to obtain. The planned changes are aimed at alleviating the confusion that the current arrangement creates. Regarding collection development, she said that the recommendations are for the Chief Librarian, and that an ad-hoc committee would have to be set by the Subcommittee on Committees.

7. Elsevier Project
E. Granatstein provided a brief background and a progress report on this project. The project will provide online access to the full text of two hundred Elsevier titles (100 biomedical and 100 engineering) to U of T users. At this point, three quarters of the titles have arrived and have been loaded. In the next 2 weeks a group of faculty and students will preview the project and provide advice on desired changes. After that, staff will have the opportunity to view the database. Staff training is being planned by S. Meikle. Online help will be available as well. FIS has been contacted to see if faculty members are interested in studying the use of this database.

8. Question period
"Could ITS revive its newsletter and publish it 3 to 4 times a year?" W. Holder responded that his department would be more than happy to revive the newsletter and publish it electronically 3 or 4 times a year.

9. Other business

E. Schlauch provided an update on the work of the Materials Processing Implementation Team. The energies of the group will focus on getting the DRA acquisitions module implemented. Once it is in operation, the catalogue will show records for items on order. More consultation will take place to firm up procedures and/or expectations. The work on bibligraphic processing workflow will benefit from advice from the Bibliographic Access Committee. He will report again in September.

I. Wagle pointed out that photocopying machines are not displaying the copyright notice. This will be passed on to C. Moore.

P. Mountain, member of the CUPE Local 1230 Executive requested permission to address the Council regarding staff reductions in the Library affecting Union members. He appealed to the Library to extend the period in which it plans to deal with staff reductions and the period for application for the retirement and voluntary exit packages. He cited several reasons: difficulty in keeping library work to standard with the current number of staff; President Prichard's commitment to implement cuts in more than 1 year; negative impact of going into negotations while effecting layoffs in the Library. He asked Council members to read the technological change clause in the collective agreement.

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