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Minutes of Library Council

June 4, 1997
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: E. Aer, E. Fillion, G. Grof, R. Healey, G. Heaton, W. Holder (guest), B. Horne, K. Khera, L. Langford, M. Lee, J. Leishman, L. McNair, K. Martyn, A. Masters, V. Mueller, B. Oziewicz, M. Pearson (guest), A. Rae, M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch.
Absent: J. Clark, S. Crotty, M. George, E. Granatstein, R. Landon, K. McMorrow, C. Matthews, M. Miller, C. Moore, M. Roddy, S. Stone, W. Sydorenko, P. Uppal, I. Wagle, G. Wells.
Next Meeting Wednesday, October 29, 1997
10:00 am
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library
  1. Election of Library Council Chair

  2. Minutes of April 30th, 1997

  3. Matters Arising

  4. Chief Librarian's report

  5. Staff Development Committee - annual report
    [Adrienne Broad]

  6. Circulation Services Committee - annual report
    [Renata Gocht]

  7. Task Force on Robarts Space - progress report
    [Lari Langford]

  8. Question Period: Albert Masters- "Has the backlog number of uncatalogued items that have arrived, increased or decreased over the summer?
    [Response: Carol Jaffray]

  9. Other business


1. Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held 30 April 1997: Minutes were approved with the following correction: 2nd para., 5th line, should read "committed to continue to provide this information .".

2. Business Arising
Business arising from the minutes: None.
3. Annual Reports:
Acquisitions Users Group, presented by L. McNair, was accepted. Committee on Bibliographic Access, presented by L. Langford, was accepted. The Staff Development Committee will report in September. The Services to Persons with Disabilities Committee did not meet during 1996/97, as reported by I. Wagle to the Chair.
4. Task Force on Robarts Space Progress Report:
L. Langford reviewed the activities of the task force. A subgroup prepared a set of guidelines for space use, another group studied what material was to be moved. Old Class and Shastri material will be housed in B2. Compact shelving is now in place. This group will also look later on into what will be moved back to the stacks. The space occupied by Old Class material will be used for the Sigmund Samuel collection (9th floor). This move will be communicated to users and the database will be changed accordingly. At the end of the year, the use of the material will be examined with a view to determining what material may be integrated into the collection and what material may be moved to B2. The use of Old Class material will also be monitored. B2 will become a stack floor with retrieval 7 days a week. Staff and patrons are being asked to be patient while the moves are taking place.

It was mentioned that Old Class material should not be classified until we get rid of the backlog, as that material is accessible through the catalogue.

5. Update on Alumni Outreach:
G. Heaton reported that she had had input from various focus groups by subject areas. Her aim was to establish what services were offered by the Library and what were the needs of alumni with regards to these services. Most alumni were not aware that they could obtain a Library Card. They were excited to hear about electronic journals, they were pleased to find out about different databases and had suggestions for more. It was suggested that the Library had available for sale, at the Loans Desk, sturdy bags for books. They find workshops and tours during Spring Reunion very useful. This year Gerstein offered an Internet Café during Spring Reunion. It was suggested to hold a meeting with Alumni in the Library. A lot more work needs to be done to reach this group. This year's graduates were sent the Alumni brochure (8,000 copies). Any comments you may have, please pass them on to Gwynneth by the end of the month. After that, they may be passed directly on to C. Moore.
6. Library Council Review Committee report:
A. Masters provided background to the recommendations contained in the report, and thanked members of the committee for their work. Recommendation #9 was amended to read: "That Library Council should be open to review on an annual basis on the recommendation of the Council." The report was approved as amended.
7. Question Period - "Is the 'MARC Editor' going to die?":
C. Jaffray responded. The MARC Editor was developed by Technical Services to allow cataloguers to edit and create records offline rather than online thereby saving on connect time charges. Over the years, it has evolved into a more sophisticated tool which among other things performs quality checks on data in the record and cuts and pastes data within a record and between records. It also allows records to be imported from OCLC and RLIN.

In DRA's NETCAT, cataloguing can be done online without added cost. Also, a new cataloguing module, which promises to be much superior to the current one, should be available from DRA within the next year. At that point, it can replace the MARC Editor.

8. Other business:
9. Next meeting:
At the call of the Chair in September after the Council's elections. M. Lee thanked all participants for their contributions to the Council.
Term ending September 30, 1999
Committee Chairs

Brown, Sharon
Collins, Evelyn
Gocht, Renata
Hawrychuk, Shelly
Langford, Lari
McNair, Lachlan
Murray, Carolyn
Newman, Sylvia
Stone, Susan
Thierry-Broad, Adrienne
Turko, Karen
Wagle, Iqbal


D'Agostino, Dan
Downs, Valerie
Healey, Robin
Pearson, Margery
Fillion, Elinor

Administrative Staff:

Bravo, Gabriela
Grof, Gabriele
Raic, Joseph
Ulanday, Lagrimas

Union Staff:

Crotty, Stephen
Edwards, Barbara
Masters, Albert
Sydorenko, Wasyl

Senior Staff:

Cheng, Alfred
Clark, Jane
Clinton, Peter
Granatstein, Elaine
Houtman, Eveline
Jaffray, Carol
Lee, Maureen
Leishman, Joan
Lewis, Norma
Martyn, Katherine
Rosenstock, Michael
Schlauch, Edward
Snow, Judy
U, Anna

Assessor Members:

Carole Moore - Chief Librarian
Professor John Browne, Chair, Advisory Committee on the University of Toronto Library System
Marla Miller - Scarborough
Cathy Matthews - Erindale
Ann Rae - Council of Campus Libraries
Marlene Cummins - Council of Campus Libraries
Ihor Prociuk - Information Commons

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