Agenda and Minutes of Library Council March 27, 2002


  1. Minutes of the Library Council Meeting of February 27th, 2002

  2. Business Arising

  3. Report of the Acting Chief Librarian - J. Snow

  4. Budget Report - A. Cheng

  5. SIRSI Implementation Update - P. Clinton

  6. The Barren Land: the Tyrrell Database - A. Dondertman

  7. Other business


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, March 27th, 2002 in the 2nd floor Conference Room, Robarts Library.

Present: S. Brown, V. Chase, A. Cheng, P. Clinton, I. De Diego, A. Dondertman, S. Dorskind, G. Grof, R. Healey, C. Jaffray, A. Masters, L. McArthur, D. McLeod, L. McNair, J. Newman, A.M. Romano (Recording Secretary), E. Schlauch, J. Snow, S. Walker

Regrets: S. Crotty, M. Cummins, V. Downs, G. Garlock, S. Hawrychuk, R. Holder, E. Houtman, S. Langlands, P. Meindl, C. Moore, C. Murray, M. Ruscillo, F. Sardone, S. Stone, A. Thierry-Broad.

  1. Minutes of the Library Council meeting of February 27th, 2002: Accepted with the following correction: Jeff Newman to be added as present.

  2. Business arising: In regards to Item no. 6 of the previous minutes - a question was asked as to whether the costing analysis had been completed on fully catalogued theses. No new information was available at this time and it was hoped to have an update at the next meeting.

  3. Report of the Acting Chief Librarian: J. Snow reported on the following: The Office of Teaching Advancement will be located on the 4th floor. Funding has just come through and construction will soon begin. Consequently there will soon be a lot of activity on the 4th floor of the Robarts Library.

    S. Walker was asked to give an update on the progress of the Vincent Bladen Library. Stephanie reported that preparations are underway to ensure that there is minimal disruption to users. Professors have been asked for titles of material that they will need for next term so that it can be put on Short Term Loan and thus available as needed.

    In regards to the Blueprint for Training survey that was distributed in the Fall of 2001, these will be collected in April. J. Snow asked that departments be reminded to fill in the surveys appropriately so that the data can be collected and analyzed.

    J. Snow referred to a question posed by the Library Steering Committee which asked about the Library's present priorities. She confirmed that they have not changed from those identified in the Raising our Sights document prepared in 2000. Judy stated that it was very valuable to review where we are at the present time and ascertain that we are keeping on the designated course. She reconfirmed the importance of our Collection and mentioned projects like the 24 hour opening pilot project of the Robarts Library, our expansion of electronic resources, our Digital Reference Service, Development of Space Plan. More discussion followed about the importance of maintaining our Collection. In particular special mention was made about the closing of the Scarborough Library and the impact it will have on the Central Library. There will likely be more demand made on the Robarts material and steps must be taken to prepare for this.

  4. Budget Report: A. Cheng spoke in regards to the present budget situation at the Library and across the University. He stated that the 2% budget cut that is being imposed cannot be absorbed by the Library. The present situation does not look promising. A question was asked as to whether the Library would be receiving any of the research grant money recently given to the University by the government. A. Cheng responded that there is no news in that regard right now.

  5. SIRSI Update: P. Clinton reported on the progress of the SIRSI implementation. He stated that there had been a tremendous amount of activity behind the scenes that has not resulted in visible results. Software has been installed on the test training server and the data analysis phase of the operation has begun. Training will begin the following week. I. De Diego asked about the timeliness of the training of public service staff. She expressed concern about whether staff would have enough time to be trained and prepare themselves (i.e. by having access to a training module for practice). Another question was whether light pens would be made available. P. Clinton responded by saying that there are many questions that will not be answered until the SIRSI team have undergone the training themselves. Another staff member wanted to know whether there would be consultation with students as well as staff re the Public Access Catalogue. Peter replied that wide consultation is difficult and that we must keep in mind who our clientele will be because logically every group will have different needs and expectations. Random users of OPAC will be surveyed.

  6. The Barren Land: the Tyrrell Database: A. Dondertman presented a Powerpoint demonstration of this website. She accessed the various links and demonstrated all the different features and very interesting information that is now available to users. She stated that it was the Fisher Library's first digital initiative and is the combined effort of the Preservation Services Department and the Thomas Fisher Library and that the project is supported by outside funding. She hopes that it would be the first of many such projects.

  7. Other business: None

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

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