Minutes of Library Council May 14, 2003


  1. Minutes of the Meeting of April 16th, 2003

  2. Business Arising

  3. Report of the Chief Librarian - Carole Moore

  4. ITS Update - Peter Clinton

  5. Serials Users' Group Annual Report - Carmen Socknat

  6. Library Services to Persons with Disabilities Annual Report - Laurie McArthur

  7. Reference Services Committee Annual Report - Stephanie Walker

  8. Other business


Minutes of the meeting of Wednesday, May 14th, 2003, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Robarts Library.

Present: Cheng, A., Clark, J., Clinton, P., Cozzi, S. (Chair), Grof, G., McArthur, L., McLeod, D., McNair, L., Moore, C., Ruscillo, M., Singh, N., Snow, J., Socknat, C., Santeramo, A. (Recording Secretary)

Regrets: Chase, V., Cummins, M., DeDiego, I., Devakos, R., Dondertman, A., Dorskind, S., Downs, V., Fleming, D., Granatstein, D., Healey, R., Holder, R., Jaffray, C., Langford, L., Langlands, S., Masters, A., Meindl, P., Murray, C., Newman, S., Prociuk, I., Sardone, F., Stone, S., Thierry-Broad, A., U, A

Guests: Crichton Patterson, J., UTSC

  1. Minutes of the meeting of April 16, 2003: It was clarified that the Academic Resource Centre at UTSC consists of Computing and Networking Services, Teaching and Learning Services and the Library Services.

    The minutes were approved with the above noted clarification.

  2. Business arising: Judy Snow reported that all data have been collected with regard to the SIRSI Survey. A report should become available shortly.

  3. Report of the Chief Librarian:

    ALA/CLA Joint Conference, June 19-25, 2003
    Carole Moore was pleased to confirm that the ALA/CLA Joint Conference would go ahead in June, despite the concerns about the SARS virus. There are various activities occurring on campus during this time. ITS staff are working with Anna Santeramo on the creation of a web site that will include information on meetings taking place on the U of T campus.

    Tours of libraries and schedules will be included on the ALA/CLA Library Web Site (http://www.library.utoronto.ca/events/alacla)

    Questions arising:
    Will poster boards listing each day's events be available in the lobby for conference attendees?
    Answer: this could be done; Judy Snow and Gabriela Bravo will look into this possibility.

    Nexus Conference on Campus, May 8-9, 2003 The Nexus Conference, sponsored by RCAT, McGraw Hill and the Office of Teaching Advancement, was very successful. It involved many faculty members, information technology staff and other excellent speakers from U of T as well as speakers from outside the University. It took place in the new Bahen Centre for Information Technology, which is located north of the U of T Bookstore. The new space is stunning and has become the main centre for computing and electronic engineering on campus.

    TechKnowFile Conference
    This conference is currently underway. Peter Clinton and Jutta Treviranus are participating. It has brought together in a collaborative effort 400 people representing both technology providers and technology users. Carole Moore took part in a panel on May 13, along with the V.P. of Business Affairs, some deans, and the Principal of UTM. The importance of development in the areas of wireless technology and mobile computing was stressed. The Dean of Engineering and the Dean of Arts & Science pointed out how important wireless technology will become in the near future.

    Alfred Cheng, who also participated in the conference, reported that the audience was very technically advanced and that the conference was extremely interesting. Carole received positive comments from attendees on the information she presented on the Library. Although the statistics presented had been included in the Green Papers, this live delivery of them stimulated substantial interest in Carole's report.

    There was no budget information to report at this time. The Chief Librarian noted that anyone interested in early retirement should contact Veronica Chase to discuss the options available to him or her.

  4. ITS Update:

    Installation of New PCs
    Peter Clinton reported that the focus of installation has initially been on the Administration and Finance areas, due to their need to connect effectively with other University systems, and on the East Asian Library. The schedule on the remaining rollout will be finalized shortly.

    SIRSI staff recommended going live with UNICORN 2001 as it was the most stable at the time of implementation. Version 2002 has been loaded on the TEST server for staff training and practice in preparation for the load of 2002 on the PROD server at the beginning of July. Shortly after July 1st, we will move to version 2003 on the TEST server in anticipation of making it available in production mode in late August.

    Implementation of the SIRSI Touchtone Renewal option will be in place for live operation in September 2003.

    Questions arising:
    Is the test version of 2002 only in room 7029 or is it available on staff computers as well?
    Answer: The training lab has it available and it can be set up for special needs on personal computers if required.

    Would it be possible to have the test version of 2002 at a staff workstation, while still working on the 2001 version?
    Answer: The 2001 version is currently in production and 2002 is in test mode. The problem at the moment is the possibility of someone mistakenly attempting to use the 2002 client on the 2001 production system; it could cause serious problems. The Chief Librarian added that anyone wanting to test the 2002 version should use the training lab to avoid serious complications with the database.

    Will the functionality that allows users to place their own renewals become available in September?
    Answer: It was confirmed that patron renewal would become available in September.

    DRA Databases Not Yet Available in SIRSI
    i) Vendor Database: this database of "bibliographic records" provided by a variety of book vendors, and used chiefly for acquisitions purposes, requires programming to pre-process the records in order to get them into the SIRSI database. They will be in the shadowed Location VENDOR. Programming is underway.

    ii) CANMARC Records: the records from the National Library of Canada will be loaded into separate SIRSI databases and made available to cataloguers via Smart Port.

    EZproxy Service
    This service is ready for rollout. It will now be called "My Access". This is a new service for off-campus access to licensed resources. We will go live on May 20th, 2003, and the old Proxy Service will be phased out on June 20, 2003. This change affects only people connecting from off-campus locations. Benefits include the fact that users will no longer need to configure their browsers. As well, there will be no need to logon personally unless they want access to licensed resources. An information document about the changes was distributed during the meeting. It was reported that there are approximately 60,000 people with proxy accounts and information will be made available to as many as possible via e-mail distribution. For web masters, an information sheet will become available for the staff who maintain web sites.

    Questions arising:
    What will the impact be on the licensed resources that have specific simultaneous user limitations?
    Answer: There is more concern about the impact of increased enrollment numbers rather than about the possible negative impact of the new My.Access service.

    Discovery of Insulin Web Site
    Peter briefly reviewed this new web site with Library Council. He praised the staff of Rare Books, Preservation and Information Technology Services for their hard work. It reflects the content of a number of different collections within the Fisher Library and contains digitized materials such as photographs of bottles of insulin, Nobel prizes, etc. Peter added that this site will become a very heavily used web site. He also provided suggestions for very convenient ways in which to browse and search this site and collection. He noted that this web site will become one of the gems of the University of Toronto Library offerings.

    Electronic Information Resource Usage Statistics
    Peter noted that statistics on the usage of the various resources available through the EIR section of the UTL OPAC are being captured by a product called Webalizer Statistics. Results are available at http://its.library.utoronto.ca/web-stat.

    VDX ILL System Implementation
    In response to a query as to the status of the VDX implementation, Peter responded that the Council may wish to ask that Helen Michael present a report on this topic. The Chair agreed to look into this matter.

  5. Serials Users Group Annual Report:

    This report was distributed to all members in advance of the meeting. Carmen Socknat reviewed the report with members. She noted that the report covers issues where serials and order activities overlap, and therefore the need to expand the current mandate of this Group. Issues of concern during the reporting year included the implementation of SIRSI, discussion of associated problems, and the planning and implementation of a training program. Everyone is welcome to attend any meeting of this group.

    Carmen moved acceptance, seconded by Mary Ruscillo; all members in attendance voted in favour of acceptance of the Serials Users Group Annual report.

  6. Library Services to Persons with Disabilities Annual Report:
    Laurie McArthur reported on a year that proved to be very busy as she took Council members through her Report. She reported that the web site dedicated to this topic http://www.library.utoronto.ca/services/disabled/ is constantly being updated and anyone having suggestions should direct them to Laurie. The students are having their needs met and everyone seems very pleased with the service. The test and exam centre (located on the 1st floor of Robarts) has become a great space; they are seeing an increase in usage.

    Laurie moved acceptance, seconded by Carmen Socknat; all members in attendance voted in favour of approval.

  7. Reference Services Committee Annual Report:
    Stephanie Walker provided the Report. Much of it concerned the implementation of SIRSI's OPAC. The Committee interacted frequently with Sian Meikle and Marc Lalonde in the matter of the display of information in Ilink. The Report was reviewed with Library Council members.

    Stephanie moved acceptance, seconded by Don McLeod; all members in attendance voted in favour of acceptance.

  8. Other business:

    The Chair will check on the possibility of a June meeting and the hold date is June 11. The first meeting in the fall is scheduled for September 24, 2003.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:03 p.m.

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